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Nintendo Championship rules lead to a decline in accessibility!

Nintendo Championship rules lead to a decline in accessibility!

The new regulation of controllers that can be used during tournaments does not represent progress, but rather sets everything back when it comes to ease of access and accessibility…

Nintendo has introduced new rules for community tournaments. Thus, a maximum of two hundred people can participate in tournaments that require in-person participation, during which the sale of products is prohibited, and players cannot receive compensation from third-party sponsors. Even these circumstances can be rightly criticized (because the event must be organized, and if more than a hundred people start, a more serious infrastructure will be needed for a smooth program), but there is another point of view that affects a certain part of the program. players. It’s true that not everyone, but as long as someone is at a disadvantage because of this, you can’t waver that he did it that way, you have to take it seriously.

Arevya, an accessibility advocate, pointed out on Twitter that Nintendo’s policy prohibits the use of third-party controllers, which essentially excludes some players who need custom settings or button mappings if they’re using some unique (but not useful by definition) hardware. Used to control the game (eg Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)!

“If you’re not familiar with accessibility of games, this may not seem like a big deal, but the reason behind it is that many disabled gamers (like me) use third-party add-ons to play. This could be anything from the controller that You can use it with your feet, to tools that help the game work with straws that you can blow into to move your character, to special 3D-printed equipment that allows you to use a traditional Joy-Con or a Pro Controller. “I understand that Nintendo wants to protect its intellectual property, but this It goes so far as to exclude children, youth and adults who need access to play like everyone else,” Arvia wrote.

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If the console, accessory or game is not licensed by Nintendo, it cannot be used at the event. Many controllers are like this if they are manufactured externally. Although both Sony and Microsoft have accessibility controllers…

source: VGC

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