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Next week, the Day of the Ancients will be held in Bogac

Next week, the Day of the Ancients will be held in Bogac

As they write in their proclamation, Ancestors Day commemorates the Hunnic Grand Duke Attila, the reigning Grand Duke Arpad, the Huns, Avars, and conquering Hungarian ancestors, and pays tribute to the heroes of the Battle of Bratislava and the Hungarian heroes who gave their lives. They live for their homeland at all times. The three-day program includes, among others, a nomadic army parade and a nomadic procession, but there will also be combat shows, equestrian competitions, equestrian competitions, archery programs, traditional sports competitions and professional fairs presenting the Hungarian-Hun language. Avar heritage, folk music and Hungarian folk music programs, handicraft shows, large-scale craft fair, children’s programs and science lectures as well. A large yurt village is being built in a separate and designated area in Bogakbosztan.

A press conference was held about the events of Ancients Day. Photo: Tamas Horvath

Esther Vitalius, Deputy Minister and Parliamentary State Secretary, also participated in the press conference. In his salutation, he stressed that the Grandparents’ Day is the biggest tradition-preserving event for the Hungarian people, and its purpose is to make the nation stronger. The celebration of the memory of the Hungarian ancestors and the great figures of the Hungarian history has now become a bond that can unite all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. We owe our country the equestrian lifestyle and fighting style of our ancestors, which is why preserving the traditions of Hungarian chivalry is an important cornerstone of our national culture – stressed the Minister of State.

Judge Zolt Andras, A Hungarian Turanian Society Its visionary president and the main organizer of the Grandparents’ Day also welcomed the attendees, especially the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey. He stated that next year there will be a “Korultag”, which is also a meeting of peoples with a Turkish Hunnic consciousness, in which Turkey has played a prominent role so far. Next year we will celebrate the centenary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Turkey and Hungary, and we are also preparing for that, the President emphasized. He said that this event is a great example of cooperation in the Carpathian Basin. As part of this event, an absolutely amazing Bedouin parade, unique in Europe, is organized, where those interested can get acquainted with the lifestyle and clothing of that era. He pointed out that there will also be a traditional military parade with the participation of between 500 and 600 traditional soldiers on horseback and on foot. The traditional Bedouin power experiences will be revived, so there will be horse races and equestrian competitions, in which anyone can participate after registration. Judge Zulte Andras Biro drew attention to the fact that there will be many thematic, archaeological and anthropological exhibitions, with a focus on horses this year. Exhibition Title: From Primitive Horses to Equestrian Nation, which traces the Bedouin equestrian civilization from horse domestication to conquest.

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