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New Skoda Superb 2024 Combi Superb IV

New Skoda Superb 2024 Combi Superb IV

Due to the decline in demand for manual gearboxes and the complexity of emissions standardization procedures, neither the new Superb nor the Passat has a manual gearbox, so the interior has been completely transformed. The designers have converted the space freed up by leaving the central gear selector into load spaces, and the gear selector is located above the steering column, as is the case inside the house in electric cars.

Legroom is excellent, a tradition in modern Superbs

13.0 inches is the diagonal of the largest central display, the screen graphics are beautiful, and to wipe away the inevitable fingerprints, you can find a fabric-covered pillar in one of the recesses in front of the elbow.

Unfortunately, the factory navigation system that runs on the screen above and in the digital clock cluster was highly uncontrolled, causing me to run off the road at highway interchanges and then be told to return to the same place, leading me astray over and over again. Maybe the software will improve by the time the cars are delivered because this was very disappointing. AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay also work wirelessly, with navigation even more usable.

The three rotary switches on the center console are useful. The function of the middle button can be changed by pressing the button, it can be a volume dial, mode switch or fan controller. I removed the last function from the menu, so it was easier to switch between the mode selection and the most frequently used volume setting.

The new Škoda 119 TDI station wagon is an increasingly rare treasure

The function of the central rotary switch can be changed, here it is the mode switch, but it can also be a volume control

From now on, in addition to the front and rear USB C connectors, we can charge the phone on a 15W inductive pad, cooled by the air conditioner with cold air streams to avoid overheating. The interior mirror also has a USB C charging port for the dash camera. The connectors on the board can charge up to 45W.

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Rear legroom is still huge, I can fit my legs behind the seat adjusted to my 190cm height, and despite the sunroof taking up a lot of space, my head fits well too.

But in addition to overnight legroom, the Superb Combi introduced in the recent second generation was also famous for its orbital luggage space.

The new Škoda 120 TDI station wagon is an increasingly rare treasure

The trunk is huge with a capacity of 690-1920 litres, just like in the new Passat. Too bad about the stairs

Even here, the 4th Generation can carry a 30-litre shovel, a medium-sized backpack, and its trunk is even larger. The 690 liters of space can be expanded to 1,920 liters with the rear seat backrest that folds down from the luggage compartment. Both values ​​per liter are the same as for the B9 Passat, which will be just a station wagon, while the Superb will also be converted into a five-door limousine at the VW plant in Bratislava, which produces both models.

Unfortunately, the backrest of the front seat on the passenger side cannot be tilted, which the third generation still knows and we searched in vain for the backrest tilt that we saw in the first modern predecessor, which allowed the passenger in the ministerial position to extend his legs through the front passenger seat.

The new Škoda 122 TDI station wagon is an increasingly rare treasure

There is also a separate climate zone at the back

There are many subtleties in the car. There is a blanket bag on the rear center headrest, Velcro luggage fastening elements are located in the left side compartment of the luggage compartment, and a QR code is provided to identify and use the luggage compartment strainers.

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The press material lists a total of 28 clever bespoke solutions, including a window washer fill cap that can be converted into a funnel, a dustbin that can be attached to the door and a washer for the rear camera eye. The on-board ice scraper and front door canopy are now also made of sustainable materials. One of my favorite things is the headrest that folds down from the edge of the rear seat headrests, which comes with a blanket in the Comfortable Sleep package.

The luggage compartment has also become smarter thanks to the electric curtain, which automatically rolls up when the lid is opened and returns when it is closed.

The new Škoda 123 TDI station wagon is an increasingly rare treasure

Screen diagonal is 13.0 inches. The feeling of quality is good

Unfortunately, the step between the sill and the bottom of the luggage compartment prevents you from pushing a heavy trunk in and pulling it out. There is no floor divider that aligns the loading edge, the bottom of the luggage compartment and the folded seat back. In the plug-in hybrid model, the luggage compartment floor is at the same height, the lower arrangement being different due to space requirements for the batteries.

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