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Netflix Guinness World Records: This is the scariest episode ever seen on screen!

Netflix Guinness World Records: This is the scariest episode ever seen on screen!

11/10/2022 – Horror specialist Mike Flanagan literally filled the opening of one of Netflix’s latest series with dread. So far, he has created great titles for providers like Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House – remind me From Entertainment Weekly, however

He was so tired of jump scares that he put everything he could think of into the first episode of The Midnight Club.

According to Flanagan’s own claim, he created the truly scariest episode ever so that he would no longer have to shoot jump scares.

The director revealed at New York Comic Con that he hates scary scenes specifically because he thinks they’re lazy solutions. Despite this, the producers constantly told him they needed more of them – he absorbed himself so much that he created the episode of the series with the most scares: in the opening episode “Midnight” there are 21 of them. Since no one had produced this before, Andrew Glass, a Guinness World Records representative, registered it as an official world record and handed over the certificate to that effect, as part of Comic Con.

“I thought, let’s do it all at once, and if all goes well, the jump scare will lose its meaning for the rest of the series. And by doing so, we will simply destroy it, erase it forever.”

– Flanagan enthuses, noting that the Guinness certification is a double win for him. On the one hand, you can continue with The Midnight Club as much as you want, and on the other hand, the next time you feel the need for more scares, you can say, “I, as the world record holder for jump scares, don’t do that.” I don’t think “They are needed this time too.”

But a Guinness World Record, and a fantastic critical reception there, in December 2022, Netflix cut the continuity of The Midnight Club with the greatest determination…

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