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Neighbors star, Ilona Ivanksics, showed off her amazing figure in a swimsuit! “Colors.”

Neighbors star, Ilona Ivanksics, showed off her amazing figure in a swimsuit!  “Colors.”

Ilona Ivancic He is going through a difficult period. The star of the series “Neighbours” recently lost 10 kilograms of weight, and he feels that he is open to a new love. The actress previously considered it unreasonable for her to stand in front of the public in a swimsuit, but now she feels that she can give power to her peers with her photos that exceed the sixth X. The former Gutka from Szomszédok has never been known for showing off, but now she has agreed to a more daring photo shoot.

“I feel very good physically and mentally. During the difficult period I went through, I gained some extra weight, and the result of sadness was that I didn't like looking in the mirror, so I wanted to get rid of 10 kilograms. I believe in natural things, and that's why I was very happy when I found Innovative for weight loss contains a lot of herbs, for example, the leaves of the banaba tree that grows in the Philippines, which local healers say can only accumulate half the fat, or the Indian nettle, which is responsible for promoting metabolism and filtering fats “It regulated my hormones and I didn't have to give up anything at the same time, as my appetite decreased significantly.”

– says Ilona, ​​who also said yes to a truly special photo series.

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“I'm fairly conservative in my theater work and in my private life as well. When they approached me with the idea of ​​a swimsuit photoshoot, I wasn't sure at first, but I realized that many women my age are in a similar situation. Many people go through divorce, face… Difficulties at work, and many of them had to start over, just like me. I want to tell them that we should not give up on ourselves. I am confident that I will achieve more success in other areas of my life in the future, and he may find me Love again.”

says the eternally optimistic actress, who also revealed what her ideal man would be like.

“Humour is very important to me, and so is the fact that we have similar values. For me, mutual respect and trust are also key. Knowing a person is not an exclusionary reason either, but it is not an expectation either. I have never been the jealous type, I think that if you have self-confidence “There is no reason to be jealous.” – said Ilona, ​​to whom many men also write on social media. The actress will be open to new love.

“I'm not shy about online dating either, as a lot can be gleaned from my writing style. Because of my popularity, they might be afraid, not daring to come or write a message, thinking I'm sure I'll find a man within my reach, but that's not the case. Of course, if I'm afraid, it won't work out later either. More emotional men are more interesting to me in every way. I'm optimistic that my life affirmation will bring the possibility that I won't be alone. Even if it doesn't work out, I'm not desperate, I'm trying to find For the good in everything.” – explains the artist.

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