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Mysterious places in Hungary that cure diseases

Mysterious places in Hungary that cure diseases

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but don’t let that discourage you, our small country has many amazing places that are still worth visiting. In Hungary, we can discover many healing places with mysterious legends. We’ve now rounded up a few of these obscure destinations for our dear readers, so they won’t be left without programs next fall.

The first place is Hegyestű, located near Zánka in the magnificent Balaton Heights. This formation consists of magnificent basalt columns, suggesting the presence of a volcanic mountain range in the area.

In addition to its beauty, it fills visiting tourists with a special energy.

Compared to Zanka, the next legendary place is located in Zamardi, on the south side of Lake Balaton. Szamárkő Group According to legend, fertility rites were performed in the Szamárkő group in the Bronze Age. According to another legend, the Virgin Mary was riding a donkey with baby Jesus near the rock, when the animal bit a clump of grass growing on the rock. Hence also the special power of the place.

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There is another place in Hungary, which, according to legend, owes its healing power to the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to legend, the healing stones in Bükkszentkereszt took shape when Mary came there with the baby Jesus, rested on these stones and the stones took shape.

And whoever sits on the stones will be cured of his illness, at least according to legend. Those who attended experienced small tingles, while others felt endless calm.

The next place is the so-called “Heart Chakra of the Earth” near Firenze Rock in Peles. Tourists who visited the nerve witnessed miraculous healings. Many people have experienced a pin prick near the rock. Legend has it that the dense vegetation around the rock also owes its splendor to the strength of the rock.

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