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Mouse and keyboard not supported on PC?

Mouse and keyboard not supported on PC?

While it’s true that Metal Gear Solid is arguably a franchise primarily aimed at the PlayStation (many of its predecessors were later released on other platforms), controlling it on PC wouldn’t be so easy.

The first and second parts of Metal Gear Solid (from the last, expanded version, Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistence) also had a keyboard controller, but the two PC ports, which have not been legally available for a long time (at most if someone wants to buy it on disc, but on modern hardware, the question of whether the two games will ever work…) Time has passed, and Konami will probably release Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 for PC (too) for that reason.

the on Twitter The image appeared from three pages of Metal Gear Solid Steam, where Konami explicitly stated that the game would also require a console. the SteamDB According to Konami, on June 21, Konami activated the game pages, but they disappeared after half an hour. On June 23, the official Metal Gear account A.J on TwitterThey are currently working on a pre-order page, and will provide more details on this as soon as possible. The disappearance of the pages is incomprehensible. Were they put in too early? So wouldn’t it have been easier to announce that console use would be mandatory? After all, we’ve seen for several years with many cross-platform games that it’s not possible to advance very far in the menu itself without a controller attached.

We can at least be glad that old parts of Metal Gear Solid (like the originally PlayStation 2 exclusive Episode III, Snake Eater) will also appear on PC, but Konami will almost certainly be loading them up with Denuvo. He’ll do the same with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, about which we recently wrote that it’s only a matter of time before Konami announces a second set of MGS, which has Old Snake (the story takes place in 2014, main parts at the latest ) will leave the PlayStation 3 behind.

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 will be released on October 24th, and we reported its content earlier.

source: PCGamer

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