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Medvedev is angry: he wants to frighten the European Union into taking a radical step

Medvedev is angry: he wants to frighten the European Union into taking a radical step

It would be better to simply suspend diplomatic relations with the EU temporarily. The diplomatic staff was withdrawn to our country. Then the arrogant idiots of Brussels collectively stuff their trousers (and of course their skirts).”

– Medvedev wrote.

He pointed out that embassies are usually evacuated before certain events, and such a decision by Moscow will make European politicians think twice. According to the former president and prime minister, this is how Russia should respond to the fact that EU leaders “said to all Russians: You are second-class people for us.”

Medvedev commented that the European Commission confirmed last week: According to import sanctions imposed on Russia, a car with a Russian license plate, and some personal items, such as laptops, smartphones, jewelry, leather and fur, and even shampoo and toilet paper, are not allowed to enter EU countries. .

The politician believed that the decision was not taken to punish “the criminal and aggressive regime ruling in the Kremlin,” but rather to “spit in the face” of all Russian citizens.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev regularly appears on his Telegram channel with very strong and anti-Western statements, often not-so-veiledly hinting that he wants to resolve differences between Moscow and Washington with a nuclear strike.

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