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M5: The world's first luxury submarine that costs $2 billion

M5: The world's first luxury submarine that costs $2 billion

Austrian design company Migaloo has introduced the Migaloo M5 luxury submarine, aimed at billionaires. The spacecraft is 165 meters long, costs $2 billion, seats 20 passengers and 40 crew members, and can stay underwater for up to four weeks. The device can dive to a depth of 250 meters and features amenities such as a swimming pool, wine cellar, cinema and helipad. The interior features luxurious gold and white leather décor, with convertible exterior spaces. Its propulsion system is diesel-electric-air-independent (AIP – Air Independent Propulsion). This type of propulsion allows the submarine to remain underwater for longer periods without having to surface for air or refuel. The vehicle's speed is 20 knots (approx. 37 km/h) on the surface, while it is 12 knots (approx. 22 km/h) while submerged – and although this doesn't sound very environmentally friendly, the company emphasizes the “sustainability” it represents Removable solar cells in the car in concept images. According to the company's CEO, Christian Gombold, negotiations are ongoing with potential buyers, but he did not provide details. This project is not Megalo's first “conceptual plan.” The company has previously considered creating artificial private islands, but nothing has come of the idea for nearly a decade.

(source: Greek correspondent, MegaloPhoto: Megalo)

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