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Local places listed in Shoes are broken down by month

Local places listed in Shoes are broken down by month

We show you ideas for every season. The offer is truly vast, Hungary has many wonders. The blog recommends, divided by month, suitable places for excursions that hide many wonders.

Let's head towards Gyula. A healthy weekend is the best way to unwind from the whirlwind of the holidays, because this way you can start the year relaxed. We can also take long walks while relaxing. The city center is beautiful, and there is a lot to see. Admire the castle!

If it's February, it's the Winter Cemetery Carnival in Mohács. If you've already been to the show, you'll certainly be happy to relive its atmosphere. If you haven't visited the Land of the Busós, from February 8 to 13. Between you on the Mohacs bus route.

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Visit the heart of Zemplén. Its untouched nature is a true fulfillment of the soul. Boldogkői Castle is a listed place, and Regéci Castle can be explored on foot. The other is Voséri Castle, considered one of the oldest and most beautiful fortresses in Hungary, rising above the countryside in a picturesque setting.

Put one of the most beautiful places in Hungary, Hortobágy, in your calendar. Hortobágy is officially included in National Geographic's 2021 list of the world's best travel destinations. Hortobagy National Park is a capital of tranquil nature, Hungarian cowboy shows, rich birdlife, and traditional lowland food.

The fragrant rose garden in Versailles, Hungary. If you are Fertőd, Eszterházy Castle, where you can go on a wonderful tour of the castle after passing through the iron gate. The Rose Garden of Princess Margit Czeraki is one of the oldest gardens in Hungary, with 8,000 roses planted!

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Gemenci Forest is a unique wonder. The Gemenci population is the most densely populated black stork population in the world, and you have a good chance of seeing them in the summer! The Gemenc light rail line runs alongside the Danube River, but if you want to explore the forest on your own, head to one of the many wonderful nature trails, filled with birdwatching sites and viewpoints.

Go Tihany! The most famous local lavender field with a historic past, Tihany Pensies Apatsac, spreads out on a rolling green hillside.

Tata's Fényes Tanopösvény and bathing can be attractive. In the Water City, not only the Old Lake and Tata Castle are the destinations, but also the magnificent Fényes Tanösvény. In the swamp forest, you can walk on long wooden platforms above fairy roses, in the arms of alder trees that reach to the sky.

Autumn is the most beautiful in the silence of the guard and nature. There are many nature trails and bicycle paths waiting for you if you like active recreation. You can experience miracles in the Szala Valley in Őriszentpéter, but you can also map the Árpád Temple.

Kőszeg city tour during the Chestnut Festival. Kőszeg is one of our most picturesque little border towns, with a historic city center and hospitable residents. Goriskes Castle is hidden here, but Taburnokhaz – Hosok Tornia is also a special sight, as is the Church of the Heart of Jesus, which is the tallest building in the city.

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This should be the month for Puck. The most famous is Elephant Waterfall – if you can see it in its frozen state, it provides an even more magical sight. Istállós-kő Cave is also located here, if you want to travel back in time 40,000 years. You can ride a motorcycle on the Szilvásvárad Forest Railway.

Christmas whirlwind in Eger. The baroque city center is always beautiful. Dubbo Square is filled with festive lights, with the castle in the background, as well as Piazza Gardone and Piazza Vijvar Vitezek.

Have a nice trip and lots of experiences in 2024!

(Image: suxenofidec, Pixabay)

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