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Laszlo Cizmadia: Action for Democracy’s only goal is to overthrow governments that represent Christian and conservative values ​​at any cost

Laszlo Cizmadia: Action for Democracy’s only goal is to overthrow governments that represent Christian and conservative values ​​at any cost

Laszlo Chismadia responded to our inquiry that “The Action for Democracy does not respect any democratic principles or values, and has only one goal, which is to overthrow governments that represent Christian and conservative values ​​at any cost and by any means.”

Our newspaper contacted the chairman of the CÖF-CÖKA Board of Trustees after the US-based Action for Democracy, led by David Korany, announced financial support for three other Hungarian initiatives, but the Hungarian Civic Union, linked to lawyer Gyorgy Magyar, was mistakenly identified. With CÖF-CÖKA logo.

More than embarrassing – Action for Democracy uses the CÖF logo to make it clear which Hungarian civil union it wants to support

How do you comment on the fact that the Action for Democracy has – wrongly – depicted the Hungarian Civil Union, which they want to support, with the CÖF logo?

First of all, it is important to point out that, unfortunately, it is not the first time that the name of our organization has been misused by the opposition political side, or that the logo of the Civil Solidarity Forum has been used without our consent in confirmation of that. their goals and as false evidence of their civic support. We have moved against all of this without delay, because any negative and unreal appearance of this kind threatens our credibility, and preventing it is a legitimate expectation from the real civic base behind us.

As for the current situation, we knew of the existence of the DA, its political aims, its foreign backers, and the local political beneficiaries ourselves from news reports in the Hungarian media, and the Civil Solidarity Forum had no contact with them at all. in any way.

This case is also very harmful for us because the “Hungarian Civic Union” drawn by the American organization with the slogan CÖF-CÖKA – a politician, lawyer, ex-MSZP candidate for parliament – a senior confidant of Ferenc Gyurcsany – is led by György Magyar does not have any standards of civility either On the contrary, it plays a pseudo-civilian role that goes against the perceptions and values ​​proclaimed by our organization.

But perhaps most importantly, CÖF-CÖKA has not accepted any foreign support in the past, and will not accept it in the future.

The reason for this is that our organization considers the sacred and inviolable principle of popular sovereignty as a guiding principle, according to which the source of public power is the people, i.e. the electorate of a given country. Organizations such as Action for Democracy, which serve foreign political and financial interests, fundamentally violate this principle.

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In light of all this, it is clear that such an irresponsible – pardon the expression – mistake on the part of an amateur can lead to potential danger and damage to the reputation of an NGO carrying out a mission based on national values, but also draws attention to the incompetence of an organization that deals With huge foreign money.

What do you think of the activities of Action for Democracy?

The essence of the process of working for democracy is to undermine and ignore the principles that are the very essence of democracy.

In short: the organization does not respect any democratic principles and values, it has only one goal, which is to overthrow governments that represent Christian and conservative values ​​at any cost and by any means. An aggravating circumstance is that he does all this using civility and hiding behind the form of civil organization.

In addition, the champion of the most important foreign intervention in the Hungarian political history after the regime change can also count on the active support of some political forces in this activity, which in principle must act responsibly, obey and respect the laws. Previous official investigations have clearly shown that there is a relationship between the organization and the US government and Democratic business groups.

And this anti-democratic action is unrepentantly aided by the entire left, which is experiencing a crisis of values, ignoring laws and exploiting various loopholes, and which, in the absence of a real political programme, can only count on the superiority that has been created. by foreign sources. This is how several billion forints of American support managed to reach the Hungarian opposition in the 2022 election campaign through the Action for Democracy organization.

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Among other things, David Korany wrote in his thoughts attached to the declaration that they are committed to supporting the democratic ecosystem in Hungary. “We support initiatives that can have a significant positive impact in the medium and long term. We will not allow ourselves to be intimidated by Orbán’s propaganda and the party state apparatus,” said the Executive Director of Action for Democracy. What do you think of this?

Interestingly, Mr. Kourani prefers to point out those values ​​with which the work of his organization is not compatible. Because the repeated attempts to suppress the democratic will of the people through illegal means cannot be compared to “nurturing the democratic ecosystem”.

After all, although Democracy Action has not yet succeeded in clarifying its true role in the Hungarian elections and providing an explanation for the internal distribution of the famous dollar donations – and thus still providing work for the authorities – the organization has already begun to act. Spectacularly “rolls” to other battlefield states – eg. To Poland and Slovakia – the venues for the next parliamentary elections.

They do all this in such a way that the development of the aforementioned democratic ecosystem is devastating, toxic, and self-destructive to Christian and conservative societies in Europe, precisely because of the opaque American interest capital that finances it.

In the cover photo, Laszlo Šizmadia, President of CÖF-CÖKA-CET, delivers a speech at the joint celebration of the 1848-1849 Revolution and the Struggle for Freedom held by the Civil Solidarity Forum (CÖF) – Civil Solidarity Public Corporation (CÖKA). and Gazeta Polska Beam Square clubs on March 15, 2019. Photo: MTI/Lagos Suse

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