Katalin Karikó received the most prestigious scientific award in Hungary

Katalin Karikó received the most prestigious scientific award in Hungary

Katalin Kariko Research biologist awarded Bolyai Prize 2021. Acknowledgment Janus Ader It was handed over by the President of the Republic at a Friday evening ceremony held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

It’s a bumpy road to science, it’s been a bumpy road to mRNA technology that the whole world celebrates today,

Janos Ader said. He emphasized that Catalin Cariko also learned what the low point means in a researcher’s life and that what is of no immediate use can be basic knowledge of it later. He added that the researcher also knew that a person who clings anxiously to his truth and is forced by compulsion to prove it may be right sooner or later.

The mRNA technology is now not only a watershed for the Hungarian researcher, but also a diverse opportunity in healing and prevention. We Hungarians are proud of our country which started in the forefront of its profession from Hungary,

Janos Ader said.

Praising this year’s winner, Janos Ader said: “Katalin Carrico thought of something before those who were going after the already recognized problems. It was driven by the passionate curiosity of the greatest. That is why a vaccine against coronavirus could have been developed so quickly. In her words, Catalin Cariko recognized the unknown and set out on an unfamiliar path.

“Our age is based on science and requires the expression of the world, its knowledge, motives and opinions. We must therefore reveal ourselves so that science becomes visible not as a distant landscape, but as a human form that can be seen close to the body,” quotes the President of the Republic about Janos Selye, the world-renowned Hungarian scholar , saying.

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As mentioned, part of the “humanitarian formula” is that Katalin Kariko is no longer just one among many outstanding Hungarian scientists, but a real-world star who’s curious, her opinions matter, and likes to distrust science but still often isn’t confident of science. In our time, you bear witness to the truth with your personal credit.

There has been an era in human life like the current pandemic. But today we need more than just life-saving vaccines, we need soul-lifting honesty,

Janos Ader commented.

As he emphasized, the Bolyaj Prize is the most prestigious scientific award in Hungary. Recognition of the Fatherland, Fatherland, Hungarians for the outstanding performance of our compatriots.

Gabor SaboChair of the Board of Trustees of the Bolyai Prize Foundation said: Successful research is rarely born without patience and perseverance, Catalin Cariko faced many challenges, at least 24 applications were rejected, but she also considered them as lessons to be learned.

He stressed that he is not only a well-deserved world-famous person and researcher, but also a figure that we cannot set a role model for future researchers. Gabor Sabo Tribute to Catalin Cariko, whose patent produced the third clinically proven 3rd generation Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 (Comirnaty) vaccine in the world in 2020.

After receiving the recognition, Catalin Cariko called it such an honor that the members of the Board of Trustees considered her worthy of the country’s most prestigious scientific award. The Széchenyi Prize-winning Hungarian biologist and biochemist was delighted to receive the award at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, noting that his career began in 1978 with the support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szeged Research Centre. The award winner recalled the winding journey he had taken since 1978 and took him back to where he left off.

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At the end of his speech, he expressed his gratitude to his parents, who had always taught him the beautiful and good, to his sisters, teachers, mentors and fellow students. She gave special thanks to her husband, who had always considered it important that her dreams come true. As he said, he hopes that more and more young people will choose to cultivate lifelong science and that there will be more and more researchers because there is so much to discover in the world.

Biennial and awarded for the eleventh time, the Polyai Prize is the most prestigious Hungarian scientific award established by individuals since the regime change. the Janos Bolyai The award, which bears the name of a mathematician, supports those of Hungarian citizenship or of Hungarian origin who achieve outstanding results in science at an international level.

The €100,000 award (approximately 37 million forints) is awarded by a committee of fifteen members of eminent personalities of the Hungarian scientific community, chaired by the President of the Republic.

The first Polyai Prize was awarded to the current President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, neurobiologist Tamas Freund, in 2000, followed by Tamas Ruska computer scientist, bor zolt physical, Laszlo Lovasch mathematician, Ritok Zigmund Ancient scholar, classical philologist, Andras Peirsel Chemical, Zoltan Eagle neuroscientist, chaba pal biologist, and It. Kiss Catalin linguistic. Latest Winner Barabase Albert Laszlo He was a network researcher in 2019.

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