Another Hungarian NHL hockey player: Zétény Hadobás is on the draft list

In the person of Zétény Hadobás, a Hungarian hockey player is once again on the North American Professional League (NHL) draft list.

The 20-year-old defender is ranked 76th among European footballers in the list published on the NHL website on Tuesday evening CET.

The Västeras player, who is interested in the Swedish junior league, and who signed a two-year contract with the club’s first team last week, told MTI that in the last one and a half to two months, the Buffalo Sabers have been in the NHL and the Pro League. The NHL Central Scouting Service filled out questionnaires with him, and then informed him that he would be added to the draft list.

Nothing else has happened in the case since then. Those in a similar situation will not be spoken to until after the season is over and more tests may follow. This does not mean that they will recruit you, but it was good that I made it this far. I signed my first professional contract last week, and now they are preparing for the World Cup with the Hungarian national team. I hope to be part of the travel team.” Hadoba said.

A Hungarian hockey player was last included in the NHL draft list in 2020 due to his performance as a youth or junior: Kristóf Papp ranked 125th among young players playing in North America on the final draft list, but was not ultimately selected.

Previously, Bálint Horváth (2016) and János Hári (2010 and 2012) were also on the list, but neither were sold.

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To date, three Hungarian-born hockey players have been recruited to the NHL: in 1999, Tamás Gröschl’s overseas playing rights were booked by the Edmonton Oilers (in the ninth round, 256th overall), in 2000 Szuper Leventé was booked by Calgary Flames (fourth round, 116th overall), and in 2002, Janos Vass was taken by the Dallas Stars (second round, 32nd overall). Szuper and Vas also got NHL contracts, but in the end neither of them could play in the strongest league in the world. Among them, only Szuper was named to an NHL game, but he never started as a substitute goaltender.

This year’s project will be held in Nashville on June 28-29.

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