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Kata Dupo's life has changed radically: this is how the 50-year-old actress lives her life now – Home star

Kata Dupo's life has changed radically: this is how the 50-year-old actress lives her life now – Home star

Throwing kata According to him, no one can find his true self as long as what others see plays a more important role. On his long journey of self-knowledge, he not only learned this, but was also able to gain a clearer picture of himself. With the actress about it Devaney gave an interview.

Change throwing kata

The actress recently celebrated her 50th birthday, but that doesn't make her a bit bitter, in fact she feels better in her own skin than ever. The fact that he accepts the passage of time and tries to make the most of what he has is also part of the change he has gone through in recent years.

– Now I know who I really am… I started to turn inward and look for answers within myself, instead of listening to reactions from the outside. Thanks to this, I have already undertaken a very serious journey of self-knowledge, because if you want to survive, you have to breathe. After a while, one realizes that our life does not have to be so painful, and it will not be so if we can filter out our life situations and relationships, whether male relationships, friendship or professional relationships, that no longer serve. we.

You can also read about the following topics in the interview:

  • How the outside world saw him in his twenties, and how real that was;
  • What is the real Kata Dobu, whose professional and personal life is now balanced;
  • Experiencing pain and recognizing the need for change are part of hard self-work, as the actress reached this point with the help of a coach, and even completed this training herself;
  • How did the birth of his daughter change his life and what was their relationship like?
  • Why did he decide not to allow insight into his private life compared to previous periods.

Cover photo: Devaney/Kiss Marita Banca

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