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Is Netflix writing about a payment error? It's a scam, don't fall for it

Is Netflix writing about a payment error?  It's a scam, don't fall for it

Frauds related to online platforms have increased a lot in the past period, and streaming sites are no exception, as criminals can reach a large target audience this way. It's not even been a week since we reported on a scam that wanted to scam Disney+ users, and another scam has come to light. They are now sending fake messages in the name of Netflix.

A new type of phishing email is designed for criminals to steal Netflix users' data. if “Important: Your Netflix payment information needs to be updated!” – I sent a message to your warehouse, it's best not to open it. At first glance, the message seems very real, so it can be misleading to many.

“Payment declined” Under the heading, a text was sent in which Netflix customers were encouraged to update their payment information, the Consumer Advisory Center wrote based on the information. Computer Build. The activation code was also hidden in the message. To update the data it is said “Membership Renewal” The button must be used.

This is how we can detect scammers

The email initially appears credible due to its use of the Netflix logo and direct language. Moreover, addressing the addressee also sounds correct. But according to the portal, there is an unexpected typo that will bring down the scammers. Because instead of “your activation code”, a French word entered the sentence: so “Votre” stands for “you”. At the latest, at this point, we should suspect that the email is not actually from Netflix. Clicking on the email address behind the sender's name can also be a warning sign, as it shows that the streaming platform is not behind the message.

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Never click on the button in the message! If you are not sure, always contact the official Netflix channels directly to check if there is indeed a similar issue. Of course, this advice also applies to any other service from which you receive similar messages.

What should we do if we have already clicked on the link?

In case of similar fraudulent emails, the best solution is to put the email in the spam folder without replying to it or deleting it directly. But if you discover it too late and the problem has already occurred, it is important to act immediately. First, contact the company through which you paid your Netflix bills, as scammers may have your payment information. If you enter your Netflix login information on a scammer's site, change your password immediately.

Netflix has its own It has a help page On the topic of phishing, where scammers regularly try to scam streaming service customers. If you suffer a loss due to phishing, don't forget to report the incident to the police.

(Computer Build)

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