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Joe Biden’s impeachment trial may begin

Joe Biden’s impeachment trial may begin

The US House of Representatives agreed to conduct an investigation into the impeachment of President Joe Biden. This is not an indictment yet, but rather the test that prepares and proves it. Meanwhile, the judge halted the proceedings against Donald Trump.


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) mocked Republicans, saying they couldn’t even name the crime for which they wanted to impeach the president. California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell described the House of Representatives as “Donald Trump’s largest law firm.”

On Wednesday, House leadership officially announced the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Lawmakers voted 221 to 212 in favor of the resolution allowing the investigation, but many Republicans indicated they would not vote in favor of bringing actual charges.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden — the president’s son, who has been the focus of several lines of inquiry — defied Republican calls for impeachment. Right-wing activists leading the investigation said his reluctance “reinforces the need for a formal vote.” (Some Democrats say Hunter was in the House, but only Republicans haven’t subpoenaed him.)

The decision formalizes the months-long investigation into Biden, after former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did not formally begin the president’s impeachment trial in September.

President Biden called the vote a “baseless political stunt.”

“Every day I wake up focused on the issues facing the American people — the real issues that affect their lives and the strength and security of our country and the world. Unfortunately, House Republicans will not be joining me,” Biden said in a statement issued minutes after the House voted to make the investigation official. “.

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The multi-pronged impeachment investigation includes an in-depth investigation into the personal and business finances of Biden family members, as well as a Justice Department investigation into tax fraud by Hunter Biden.

Congressional investigators also looked into allegations that Joe Biden (while serving as Obama’s vice president) made political influence moves in Ukraine intended to benefit his son’s businesses.

Republicans are demanding the questioning of several Biden family members and business partners, but the White House is sure to prevent this.

During Wednesday’s debate, Democrats tried to undermine the fact that the investigations against Hunter, which have been ongoing for months, should extend to the president as well. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) said the White House has already released more than 35,000 pages of financial records and dozens of hours of testimony and interviews, so there is no need for more tests and investigations.

Some Republicans voted in favor of the proposal for the sake of party unity

Ken Buck (R-CO) announced that unless a clear connection between Joe’s activities and Hunter Biden is proven, he will ultimately not vote for impeachment. House Speaker Mike Johnson himself made a similar statement at a press conference in which he said: “We cannot prejudge the outcome; The Constitution does not allow this. We must seek the truth, but only by legitimate means.

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