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Jamie Foxx has recovered and wants to work again

Jamie Foxx has recovered and wants to work again

Jamie Foxx, an actor who wants to work again soon, recently came home from the hospital, according to a report. BBC.

Foxx didn’t say why he needed to be hospitalized for weeks, but thanked his fans for their messages of support. He explained that while many were eagerly awaiting news of him, he did not want fans to see him “with tubes hanging off him trying to see if he’ll make it through”.

Fox also thanked his family for not allowing any information about his illness to be leaked. However, he confirmed that he was not paralyzed or blind, as was previously expected.

“My sister Deidra Dixon, my daughter Corinne really saved my life,” the 55-year-old actor said, adding that he had nothing but “they, God, so many great doctors” to thank for his recovery. According to him, the recovery period was hellish.

The Oscar-winning American actor has reportedly been hospitalized in Atlanta while filming the Netflix action movie Back in Action opposite Cameron Diaz. Foxx now plans to get back in business soon.

A number of his colleagues welcomed the news of the actor’s return on Instagram.

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