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Is there a new SOCOM game in development?

Is there a new SOCOM game in development?

It's rumored that one of Sony's older IPs has been revived in some way, which seems like a good idea since the shooter was also a huge hit on the PlayStation 2 (which can also be played online, and then where was the PlayStation Network…?).

SOCOM last appeared in stores thirteen years ago, with the PlayStation 3 exclusive SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs released in April 2011. However, just one year later, Sony decided to shut down Redmond-based Zipper Interactive, the developers of the series, Although the first part in 2002 was already connected to them. However, it seemed like the IP was disappearing, and Sony hasn't given it a second thought since. This may change, because something has come to light on the actor's resume.

The whole thing gets weird when actor David Fitch has actually died. His biography was shared on Reddit, and here we saw that Veach's movements were digitized by Sony, so the company made a mockup for a project with an interesting name. SOCOM 111. This is either a typo (Sony previously announced SOCOM 3 with the number 1 instead of Roman I), or it will actually be the name of the next episode.

“Socom 111” is listed on the actor’s bio.
byu/kikankok StringGame leaks and rumours

Another twist in the story is that Veach's name is not on the SOCOM 3 cast list, which contains 558 names. If SOCOM 111 is the same as SOCOM 3, you'd think Sony would correctly include Veach's name in the cast list. Is “One Hundred and Eleven” still in the works or has Sony given up on it in the meantime? In general, digitization of motion is usually done in the early stages of development, because developers are able to create accurate character animations this way.

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So who knows exactly what the situation might be like. SOCOM 111 may be in the works and Veach will appear posthumously. It is also possible that it is an old project that has already been deleted. However, it would be nice if the company also addressed its older IP addresses.

source: GameRant,

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