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Is Tamas Bortek an FBI man?

Is Tamas Bortek an FBI man?

An important circumstance is that the Russian oligarch Semyon Mogilevich was forced to leave the country during this period. To this end, the FBI opened its office in Budapest at the end of the 1990s, strengthening the organization's presence in Hungary. The mission of the ten-member special group was to monitor and expose criminal groups in Eastern Europe.

In Operation Mogieljevic, Hungarian and American agencies cooperated closely. By the way, the Russian businessman wanted to obtain Hungarian and American citizenship, in addition to Israeli and Croatian citizenship, but his efforts were not crowned with success. The expulsion of Mogilevich from Hungary was successful, and the FBI may have played a major role in this, as the organization From the galactic underworld and from some players in business life They obtained a lot of information about the businessman, which they considered very dangerous.

Bortek was questioned about the connection between Hungarian politicians and organized crime

Returning to the relationship between Bortek and the FBI, a few years ago, the Hungarian authorities again turned to the Americans, from whom they received information that Bortek crossed the US border three times: on December 2, 1992, on January 27, 1996., and in February 1997. in 27. The last two dates were already known to the Hungarian authorities, but news of Bortek's flight in 1992 was heard for the first time. But except for the dates, the Legal Attaché's reply letter did not reveal anything about the Energul leader's residence, activities, or departure dates. The Americans also claimed that the FBI or other US law enforcement agencies had no contact with Bortek in the United States. However, it was admitted that from November 6 to December 19, 2006, FBI employees met with Bortek five times. Incidentally, Tamás Bortek himself spoke about this during an interview with a police witness in 2011. He claimed that the FBI had specifically blackmailed him in Vienna, and that if he did not tell the truth about the entanglement of the Hungarian underworld, cops and politicians, he and his family would be banned from entering the states. United. After that, he claims, he was forced to make a detailed confession.

Some of our sources also indicated that after Bortek legally returned to Hungary after his arrest, the FBI was hoping to obtain information from him about the so-called Hungarian elite. Fact: During this period, Bortik tried to communicate with many businessmen and managers of financial institutions.

Furthermore, in 2008, Energol's leader, Sandor Laborc, met with a former NIM leader twice on the grounds that he had information about corrupt officials. Another is that he instead tried to make the police officers investigating him suspicious, while, for example, he later failed in the Visowiecki case Senior police officers It is not mentioned.

Meeting at the Public Information Office

Well, in contrast to all this, the Americans only told their Hungarian colleagues that they just wanted to know more from Bortek about the criminal groups operating in Budapest, but after it turned out that Bortek was also the leader of a criminal organization, they cut off contact with him. At this point, it is worth returning to the beginning of our article, since the above-mentioned observation of the National Bureau of Investigation in the summer of 2012 in itself denies that the Americans released Bortek in 2006. This also includes the fact that NNI surveillance revealed that after the meeting in the car, Another conspiratorial meeting was also held at one of the offices of General Media Kft. In Ferencic Square, which is managed by one of Bortek's close associates, H. Endre. H was also present at the scene, accompanied by an unknown woman.

Returning to the response of the Americans, the statement of the FBI legal attaché that only in 2006 did they discover that Bortik was the leader of a criminal organization, is also questionable. According to our sources, the Hungarian police had already informed the FBI in 1999 who Bortek was and what kind of dangerous organized criminal group he had become known as the leader of. At the time, police did not even suspect that the “selected” person could have been an FBI informant from the early to mid-1990s.

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