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Polgár Tunde was shouting angrily, “What happened to you people?!”

Polgár Tunde was shouting angrily, “What happened to you people?!”

A few weeks ago, you could read a lot about the terrible case of a man who kidnapped and then raped his wife, who was left alone when she tried to escape and jumped out of the car to call for help from passers-by. Her husband, with whom she had been living separately for a long time, pulled her into the car and stuffed her in the trunk. The young mother spoke a few days ago saying that it was hell that no one rushed to help her in this dire situation, even though the street was full of people. Shocked by the incident, Tünde Polgár, the former welfare wife, replied to this one day, about how such a thing could ever happen. “Indifference. When I read that a raped woman sought help in vain, everyone turned their heads and her rapist managed to push her into her car and drive away. Only one question shrieked in me: What happened to you people?! Of course, it’s none of your business, you’re in such a hurry! He commanded you anyway, but who was there, how could he look in the mirror? When did indifference replace humanity? Of course, this cannot happen to your loved one, and if it did? Or were you just afraid? What do you think that woman went through? How could Be afraid? How did you feel when everyone looked away? I’m angry, not just sad. Because if we go down this path, we humans will destroy our world sooner than we destroy the earth! Yes: “The guardian deserved it” or provoking self-acquittal is shameful! Don’t be Indifferent!” sent Tünde on his Instagram page.

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