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International Olympic Committee: Five countries are interested in hosting the Winter Olympics

International Olympic Committee: Five countries are interested in hosting the Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee, which is responsible for the pentathlon, said that five countries are studying the possibility of hosting the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in the future.

Christophe Dubi revealed: 5 countries are interested in hosting the Winter Olympics (Photo: AFP)

As reported by Christophe Duby He stated that five of the interested parties are in constant dialogue with the IOC, so Sweden and Switzerland will also be present in the next stage of the application process. The Scandinavian country has publicly expressed its intention to host the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, but according to the portal, seven in ten Swedes surveyed believe that bidding for the right to host should only be done in a sustainable, democratic and cost-effective manner. road. Sweden survived eight failed bids and suffered six consecutive bids competing for the Games from 1984 to 2002. His latest disappointment came in 2019 when he missed the 2026 Winter Summit, which went to Italy, Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Switzerland is also in talks about hosting the Games in the future, but insists that its dialogue with the IOC is not for a specific year, but for the long term. Sapporo cruised from Japan to win the 2030 host title, but organizers have suspended the bid due to a series of corruption scandals related to the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and are expected to turn their attention to 2034. Canada’s Vancouver also temporarily withdrew from potential favorites after failing to receive government support for her bid, but she is still in ongoing dialogue with the IOC about a future arrangement. From the United States, Salt Lake City has said it is ready to bid, but wants 2034 instead of 2030 to avoid conflicts with sponsorship for the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Los Angeles, according to the portal.

The International Olympic Committee is expected to decide the identity of the host country for 2030 in the Paris Olympics next year.

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