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Index – Technology – Science – In space, no one can hear us scream.  or is it?

Index – Technology – Science – In space, no one can hear us scream. or is it?

Not too far, but the waves can propagate more electromagnetically, so even star destroyers in space operas can break out a bit.

Since space has no air or other medium for transmitting sound, it is known that the engines of star destroyers in space operas are not humming, the planes of real spaceships do not hum, and as space horror films have shown, no one in space can hear a sound. A human scream. All of this is true based on our scientific knowledge, but according to researchers at the Center for Nanoscience at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, this is not true in all circumstances.

According to Zhuoran Geng and Ilari Maasilta, sound can jump through the void of space, prof Communication Physics In their column articles, they also describe how.

According to the results of experts, the vibration of sound waves generated by piezoelectric materials can be transmitted to another object with the help of an electromagnetic field. The condition for this is that the two objects are closer to each other than the size of the sound wave. This can range from 1.7 cm to 17 meters in the range audible to the human ear, but of course the phenomenon occurs in the inaudible range as well.

In most cases this effect is very small, but we have also found situations where the wave jumps with 100% effects and without breaking. This phenomenon can be used in microelectronic components or thermostats

Professor Ilari Maselta noted.

In the end, the sound can be heard even in space, you just need to get close enough to the source of the roar or scream.

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