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Index – Tech-Science – Tired of Chrome? A more secure browser than ever is coming

Index – Tech-Science – Tired of Chrome?  A more secure browser than ever is coming

There are countless browser software on the internet, but so far none of them have been able to undermine the popularity of Google Chrome. True, in some parts of Europe, such as Germany and Poland, by the width of a hair Firefox leads the way However, in the contest of popularity, Google’s solution has become equivalent to accessing the Internet on a global level.

All this is mainly due to the fact that the most popular search program is also associated with Google, but in recent years the American company has faced more than one problem with how to handle user data. Recently, the index also looked at what Google had found out about us based on our search history, and we weren’t particularly happy with the results.

The free database revealed that the search giant had correctly guessed our age, interests, marital status, and even whether we lived in our own apartment or on a sublease, among other things.

Based on this, many people may wonder if there are search engines and browsers on the Internet that do not collect – and resell – users’ sensitive data. The answer is, of course, more yes. Recently, we introduced a program called Neeva, which completely eliminates ads and does not collect data about users; However, there are other alternatives.

This is not a duck!

Compared to Neeva, DuckDuckGo may be a more popular search engine for high-income users, which can scare off many people because of its funny and not necessarily reliable name, although the company from the USA takes into account quite important values. The search engine does not collect user data, nor does it create profiles of Internet users, so it cannot misuse it. The disadvantage is that the search results will not be personalized as a result, they will be shown by the search engine using generic relevance – however, this is an acceptable compromise in exchange for the security of our personal data.

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Previously only available as a search engine, DuckDuckGo could be installed as an extension for Google Chrome, so the app that runs inside it has remained the property of Google – until now. The company recently made its browser app available on Mac, which was recently released on Windows, so a large number of PC users can now get access to the DuckDuckGo experience for free and without paying the rent. In addition to not collecting any personal data, the browser promises many other features, the most important of which are:

  • prevent automatic tracking,
  • Smart HTTPS encryption,
  • automatic handling of cookie pop-ups,
  • email protection,
  • Built-in ad-free YouTube player.

application on your Windows computer Click here You can download it, while if you are using a Mac, You need to click here; You will not need any special plugins to install it. After installation, the application guides the user through a quick guide, during which bookmarks, saved pages and passwords can be imported from other browsers – so the transition is completely smooth, after which the tracking-free search can begin.

But what are they supporting themselves in?

It’s an open secret that free browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox make their living selling users’ personal data and placing ads. However, this isn’t an option with programs like Neeva or DuckDuckGo, so the question might legitimately arise of what developers fund the browsers to run with.

The Neeva team solved this with a signup form. The browser can also be used for free, but then the user may encounter various restrictions – however, the situation is different in the case of DuckDuckGo, which is why you do not have to and cannot pay for the program. According to the developers, DuckDuckGo supports itself by placing private ads and partnership offers found in searches – but these are not user-specific.

So if you’re searching for cars, for example, we’ll show you car-related ads. It’s that simple.

they write. According to them, many question whether everything really happens in the background as it is presented. However, the truth is that the company is very transparent about its actions, so there is nothing to worry about; In addition, the business model they have chosen has been generating profits continuously since 2014.

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It is important to note that the browser is currently in a testing period, so minor shutdowns and crashes may still occur in the coming weeks and months. However, because DuckDuckGo doesn’t use any trackers, unlike Chrome, the browser consumes about 60 percent less data, making your web browsing experience faster – despite its early release.