Index - Tech-Science - Like the common cold, the coronavirus can be re-infected year after year

Index – Tech-Science – Like the common cold, the coronavirus can be re-infected year after year

Yale University and the University of North Carolina have found out how long immunity can last after a natural infection, and the data is not very encouraging for those who don’t want to be vaccinated after being sick because they think they are already protected, he writes. Infostart.

Re-infection can occur after three months or less, so those infected should be vaccinated normally. Early infection alone can provide very little long-term protection against subsequent infection

Says Jeffrey Townsend, professor of biostatistics at Yale University, one of the research leaders.

to MedicalXpress Article – Commodity According to this, it is the first survey to examine the phenomenon of re-infection among unvaccinated people. According to researchers

Not only is there a short-term chance of re-infection, but there are also countless examples, and with reduced immunity and the emergence of new variants, this phenomenon becomes more and more common.

The study cautions that the focus should be on the risk of re-infection.

Re-infection is increasingly likely in the near future to those naturally infected in the early stages of an epidemic

Alex Dornburg, assistant professor of bioinformatics and genomics at the University of North Carolina, noted that he co-authored the study.

The research group’s data-driven model shows striking similarities between the risks of temporary re-infection with MERS-CoV and endemic coronaviruses. According to them, like a cold, we can re-infect the same virus from year to year.

a The difference is that this pandemic has proven to be much more deadly

He said Townsend, who said Our world will now be marked by the emergence of new threats to humanity.

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