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Index – Tech-Science – Good news from Spotify

Index – Tech-Science – Good news from Spotify

As the end of the year approaches, even the most determined Spotify users are looking to make their end-of-year bucket list as perfect as possible.

October will end in a few days, which also means that Spotify will stop recording data for 2023 – music listened to in November and December will not be included in this year’s wrapped compilation; At least that’s what we can believe based on previous years’ trends.

For those who don’t know, every year the most popular music streaming app creates a personalized collection of the songs, artists, albums, and podcasts that the specific user has listened to the most, and that is Spotify Wrapped.

However, sometimes users get very big surprises, for example, songs that they do not want to accept are included in the selection.

To avoid this, a few days ago, one of the most followed pop culture news sites, Pop Base, brought to the attention of its followers that if they really want to include only the songs they like in the collection, they would be better off starting and listening to them as soon as possible, because counting plays It will stop in a few days.

However, Spotify stepped in, reassuring everyone in one of its posts on