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Index – Tech-Science – A dangerous scam is spreading on Facebook

Index – Tech-Science – A dangerous scam is spreading on Facebook

An advertisement posted by staff at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris allegedly offered lost luggage for around €2, according to the French. Geeky.

The idea is based on the fact that passengers lose tens of thousands of packages every year and anyone would be happy to take them home if they did not register. Scammers are offering lost luggage for €1.95 on the airport’s Facebook page. In addition, they add, the bags are full of almost new items, including many electronic items.

For the complete deception, fake comments and photos are included of happy new owners who have become richer for just 2 euros, for example, with a full bag of cosmetics.

The fake Facebook account then redirects the potential victim to a website requesting various confidential information, including banking details. In the end, the victim runs the risk of having his confidential data stolen, and the total amount deducted from the account will not be 1.95 euros.

The scam is particularly aggressive, as the fake account’s posts are flagged as “sponsored” and can be found in the official directory of meta advertisers. In other words, we might think that Meta has documented these posts and is therefore reliable, but this is of course not the case.

It is good to know that airports do not sell lost luggage on any Facebook page. If there are such items, they will be resold under controlled conditions and cannot be purchased by anyone, and are usually donated to charity.

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So let’s be on the lookout, in addition to scams committed on behalf of Netflix, HBO and package delivery companies, trolls have also appeared at airports.