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Index – Sports – inflated Gabon says humanity is heading for a big slap

Index - Sports - inflated Gabon says humanity is heading for a big slap

Most gyms in Hungary are still closed, and only competing athletes can be used. However, individual sports are permitted in public areas, so you can run, walk, and cycle – other than spring restrictions – outdoor gyms are not closed as well.

This coming winter does not discourage those wishing to move in for the time being, the catalog photographers have gotten a lens in Budapest locations where young and old try to keep fit.

However, due to rain, snow and permanent negatives, the situation may change, which is why ádám Szedlacskó, owner of Flex Gym, who spoke about Straight Speech ATV How can they provide adequate health conditions in safe indoor gyms. In broadcast Arnold Schwarzenegger Also turned. According to him, the reopening of fitness rooms can be solved by wearing a mask, ventilation, personal separation, and hand disinfection.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about dental conditioning. There are more and more cases of police officers beating companies for illegal kneading. A raid was launched at an illegally open gym in jpest in early December, and a District Six gym was closed last week. Under epidemic control measures, gyms may not be open at all, but there are those who solve the situation by climbing into windows illegally, or by accrediting athletes.

Sculpted Gabo isn’t afraid either, he’s found the gap in the shield. Announce to the index, he immediately began wisely that he is in a healthy body, and a healthy soul. A person is healthy both mentally and physically if they exercise. It can be solved outdoors, but it’s cool enough these days and you can’t do it outside for long. Workout methods at home can be good for keeping up, and I’m thinking here of trying different rubber ropes, push-ups, or water bottles. This is how I trained in the spring, but if you go down to the gym you can retrain and give up completely, says the famous bodybuilder.

Pumping can handle confinement anyway. “I miss parties, but it’s not a big deal. It turns out it’s in one’s best interest to be able to spend that time with value. I read books and train and try to build this winter, for example.”

After the coronavirus, pumped Gabon has also hit green affairs. Although he is now busy settling his career, he may soon become the front-runner in climate protection.

He said if all is well with me, I can save the world. People need to change their basic lifestyle. The way we live now is killing the world. The volume of man-made garbage has exceeded the mass of the entire living world. Plus, the seas are full of plastic filth, which is not good for cleaning the environment. I fear humanity will be dealt a huge blow.

If we don’t change this, there will be extinctions, which is not good, because for sure there will be no Balaton sound.

Pumped Gabo made the point that she will soon be back on the front pages in a new role. After laying down, she will knead on the charts because she feels she can create her glories as a DJ.

(Cover photo: Gábor Czerkl / Index)

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