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Index – Science and Technology – Artificial intelligence is popular at Corvinus University

Index – Science and Technology – Artificial intelligence is popular at Corvinus University

A new survey of the library of Corvinus University in Budapest examined students’ artificial intelligence (AI) usage habits – indicates Human resources portal. During the spring survey, 318 people filled out an online survey, based on which 99 percent were familiar with AI applications,

And four-fifths of them can name at least one.

The most popular chat application is ChatGPT, which 91 percent of students have heard of and 54 percent use. This is followed by Grammarly, an English language health check program, which seventy-seven percent of them know and forty percent use. In third place is the DeepL compiler, which 47 percent know and 36 percent use regularly.

Head of research, Attila Daibes, told HR Portal:

In the survey, the students mentioned a total of about thirty AI applications, including some they learned about for the first time, such as Connected Sheets, which can help with literature searches, although their relatively small database is currently a limitation at ease. the use.

new regulation

On the other hand, 22 percent of the respondents do not use any AI-based programs or interfaces at all. In addition, 85 percent of respondents have not received any information from their service provider or elsewhere—or at least do not remember—about the ethical aspects of AI applications.

Half of the students expect to receive information and subscription options from the university so that they can use the opportunities offered by AI more effectively. Forty percent of the respondents would be open to taking part in this type of course, seven percent would not hesitate to do so.

The university defines the use of MI applications in a regulatory document.

Among the students participating in the survey, the proportion of Hungarian and English students was two-thirds and one-third. 50 percent of them attend basics, 28 percent master’s, 20 percent doctoral, and 2 percent other types of training. Corvinus University in Budapest pays particular attention to the topic of artificial intelligence. Through round table discussions and presentations, they try to broaden the students’ perspective and introduce new developments in the field.