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Index – Overseas – Scenes suitable for a disaster film occurred in the United States
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Index – Overseas – Scenes suitable for a disaster film occurred in the United States

On Sunday, heavy rains continued to hit the northeastern United States. Flash flood warnings and tornado warnings have been issued for parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

More than 600 flights were canceled at New York City airports Sunday due to the storms, and thousands of homes lost power. Governor Cathy Hochul asked residents not to leave their homes during storms.

Pennsylvania authorities reported Sunday that five people were killed and a 9-month-old girl and her two-year-old brother were being searched for in Upper Macfield, a town in the eastern part of the state that borders New Jersey.

Four of the victims were members of a South Carolina family who were visiting relatives when their car was swept away by lightning; The father and his four-year-old son were able to escape, but the mother, grandmother, and the two younger children could not.

According to the local police report, due to the sudden heavy rain from a nearby stream, a one and a half meter high block of water rushed onto the road, where dozens of vehicles were driving, three of which were washed away. Water, MTI reports.

The strength of the water indicates that, according to the report of the rescue units, a car was found two and a half kilometers away.

At the same time, a weather warning remains in effect in the southwestern part of the United States due to the heat. The desert states, Arizona, and Nevada, as well as some parts of Texas, are primarily affected by extreme, prolonged heat, which means daily maximum temperatures exceed 40 degrees in many places.