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Index – Meanwhile – Sydney Sweeney once again chose a bold outfit for the premiere of her film

Index – Meanwhile – Sydney Sweeney once again chose a bold outfit for the premiere of her film

He still hadn't given up on the billionaire's heart.

Zoltán Jákob and Virág Péntek-Gyulai appeared together in the season of A Nagy Ő last year, but the billionaire sent the little girl home shortly before the finale. The fitness model previously stated that she will be impatiently waiting for the businessman, because she is sure that sooner or later she will realize that he will be the right person for her.

It is true that a simple creature should be next to Zuli, but not as simple as a wooden wedge, but simply as great as me. You can fight the confession if you want, but it's not worth giving up on this thing. A simple, quick, quality replacement is needed here. Betty goes, Viraj comes, and the life we ​​long for can finally begin

– Naji told Viraj Bors last November, who seems to have been right that the relationship between Jacob and his chosen one did not prove to be long-term.

This time, the paper is now or never! At the cinema premiere Requested Girl what came of his plan so far. However, it seems that things between him and the billionaire have not changed, and the two of them did not attend the event.

He's somewhere else, who knows… I keep a good friendly relationship with him, but I don't really care where he goes, because that's his job. And well, we're not even in a relationship, so I can hold him accountable

– Bentek Gyulay said.

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