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Index – Meanwhile – Nora Trucan is a mirror image of Jenna Ortega in this photo

Index – Meanwhile – Nora Trucan is a mirror image of Jenna Ortega in this photo

He sprayed Natty in the eye.

Zoltán Jákob went on a romantic date with Nati Kozelkin for the first time Bachelor’s degree – Senior Dating site In realityBut the 20-year-old was unable to make it through the flight. The billionaire businessman, also known as the King of Nails, opened champagne on the occasion of the special trip, but he did not expect at all that he would not be able to pour the drink into glasses without any problems: the champagne exploded in his hand.

This has never happened before. This is for you! (…) I have been through unpleasant and embarrassing situations, but this one was especially so. I sprayed champagne in the eye

He explained with a laugh. Although Jacob burst into laughter, she clearly felt uncomfortable, and really didn’t want to let the billionaire wipe her face.

The 54-year-old and the 20-year-old then drank champagne and ate from a plate, and another embarrassing moment ensued: Natty accidentally bumped into the fruit basket, which then fell to the floor. He wanted to please the billionaire, because it is no secret that he likes to eat cheese with grapes.

However, the girl had already expressed it in the reporting room: she was not at all embarrassed that Jacob showered her with champagne; He was happy that he was able to travel with The Big One. Meanwhile, he implied that this might be because Erika cursed him after allowing the blonde to travel to Rome with Jacob.

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Then, in order to quickly get over the Enikő drama, Nati did not wait long: she immediately kissed Zoltan Jakob on the lips, who did not deny that she had been waiting for this moment.

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