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Index – Meanwhile – according to the creative producer of Megasztár, some musicians have applied themselves to the jury of the new season, including Viktor Kiraly

Index – Meanwhile – according to the creative producer of Megasztár, some musicians have applied themselves to the jury of the new season, including Viktor Kiraly

He bit into something that wasn't supposed to go into his cheeseburger.

There are days in everyone's life when they want to eat some fast food instead of home food, and in such cases, there is nothing easier than ordering something. This was also the case with the 32-year-old, who found something strange and disgusting when he bit into his favorite cheeseburger.

A man named Nathan Wickstrom recently decided to go to a McDonald's in Ventura, California, because he was trying to recover from a bad cold, and he thought eating a little cheeseburger with a shake would help. He really wanted these things, so he stopped at McDrive's on his way home.

“I don't eat at McDonald's very often, but sometimes I do. I'm recovering from a cold and for some reason I felt like I needed to drink a milkshake, but that's not the point. I also added two cheeseburgers to my order. When I rolled To take what you asked for,

I noticed some staff joking and laughing there but I didn't attach much importance to it. I was like, they're just having fun while working, and I hoped they were doing their job right. However, shortly after receiving my order, I noticed something was wrong. While I was standing at a red light, I bit into one of the burgers, and then I saw that there was something strange about it. I'm almost a little into it

said the man who took a video and several photos of what he found in his cheeseburger. And the records prove it

The man did not hesitate to complain. The store manager she spoke to on the phone offered to get her another burger or her money back, but Wikstrom would accept neither: Instead, she asked them to talk to employees about doing their jobs properly. The woman then raised her voice and asked about the matter herself, saying there was no problem with their employees.

Wikstrom says he again mentioned what he found in her burger, and the woman went quiet, and after a long silence, she just said to him, “If you don't want your money back or another cheeseburger, bye!” – Then he hung up.

The man then shared on Reddit what happened to him.

As he says, he also checked out the other burgers. Fortunately, there was no sticker, but the option was missing.

(via Newsweek)

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