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In the final round on Wednesday, the Americans were 2-0 behind Costa Rica, but despite their winning streak, the team finished better than the hosts, so they remained ahead of them.

Costa Rica Intercontinental Exchange Qualification He finished fourth, so in mid-June he could already play Oceania’s best team, New Zealand, live for the World Cup.

Mexico, who finished second in the region, finished off the qualifiers with a 2-0 victory at home – Salvador was their opponent – while Canada, who had previously secured their World Cup entry, finished with a 1-0 loss away. Panama house.

Thus, all three 2026 World Cup managers will be present at this year’s tournament, which will begin on November 21. The Mexican national team is participating in the tournament for the seventeenth time and the American team for the eleventh time.

North and Central America World Cup Qualifiers Round 14:

Costa Rica – USA 2-0

Jamaica – Honduras 2-1

Mexico – El Salvador 2-0

Panama – Canada 1-0

The final result:

  1. (and passed) Canada 28 points
  2. (and died) Mexico, 28
  3. (and beyond) United States, 25
  4. Costa Rica 25
  5. Panama 21
  6. Jamaica 11
  7. El Salvador, 10
  8. Honduras, 4

You can be World Cup ready (sorted by exit)

  1. Qatar (Director, perhaps preparing for the World Cup for the first time)
  2. Germany (Group J winner, four-time world champion)
  3. Denmark (Group F winner, 1998 quarter-finals)
  4. Brazil (Closed in South America in the top four, five-time world champion)
  5. France (Group D winner, two-time world champion, defending champion)
  6. Belgium (Group E winner, bronze medal 2018)
  7. Croatia (Group H winner, 2018 finalist)
  8. Spain (Group B winner, 2010 World Champion)
  9. Serbia (Group 1 winner, 4th place twice as Yugoslavia)
  10. England (Group 1 winner, 1966 world champion)
  11. Switzerland (Group C winner, Triple Quarterfinal Rounds)
  12. Holland (Group G winner, Triple Finalist)
  13. Argentina (Closed in South America in the top four, two-time world champion)
  14. Iran (Closed in one of Asia’s top two in Group A, it’s been played five times so far)
  15. South Korea (Closed in one of Asia’s top two spots in Group A, it finished fourth in 2002)
  16. Japan (Closed in one of Asia’s top two places in Group B, three-time finalist)
  17. Kingdom Saudi Arabia (Closed in one of Asia’s first two places in Group B, 1994 Final Eight)
  18. Ecuador (Closed in the top four in South America, 2016 Final Eight)
  19. Uruguay (Closed in South America in the top four, two-time world champion)
  20. Canada (Closed in the top three in North and Central America, was a group tour in 1986)
  21. Ghana (Won in African third-round duel, 2010 quarter-finals)
  22. Senegal (Won the third round match in Africa, quarter-finals 2002)
  23. Portugal (Won the qualifying series in Europe, 1966 bronze medal)
  24. Poland (Won European Alternative Qualifier Series, double bronze medal)
  25. Tunisia (Won the third round duel in Africa, and was in the group stage five times)
  26. Morocco (Won the third round in the Fencing of Africa, 1986 and the eighth final)
  27. Cameroon (Won the third round match in Africa, 1990 quarter-finals)
  28. Mexico (Closed in the North and Central American top three, double quarter-finals)
  29. United State (Closed in the top three in North and Central America, 1930 bronze medals)
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