INDEX - ECONOMY - Potato pasta can get expensive

INDEX – ECONOMY – Potato pasta can get expensive

Ten years ago, we were talking about crops of 500-600 thousand tons in our country, but the past three years did not bring even 300 thousand tons. This year’s result is expected to be lower as well, so much so that experts put the 2022 crop at 180,000 tons – Writes Domain News.

Disastrous crop prospects

Of course, this poor outcome can also largely be attributed to dehydration. It is no consolation that the situation is similar in other European countries.

In Germany and Belgium, the harvest of new potatoes began two weeks earlier this year, which still yields excellent quality and average quantity. However, the dry period of July and August greatly damaged the potatoes harvested in the fall.

In Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, which are the dominant potato-growing countries in the European Union, despite the expansion of the cultivation area to more than half a million hectares, experts still believe that this year’s harvest will bring significant profits. Weaker result than in 2018, which was also a drought year.

Our performance is below average

In Hungary, thanks to a series of poor average yields, the area planted with potatoes decreased from 13,000 to 7,000 hectares by 2021. Last year brought relatively better autumn prices, so there is a slight desire to plant potatoes, but the planted area still does not reach 8000 hectares. Experts expect the national average production to be less than 22 tons.

Today, you can buy a kilo of potatoes in the markets between 300 and 500 fort, but it is possible that if there were fewer potatoes this year than last year, there would be a significant increase in prices and torch potatoes, potato pasta or French. French fries will become luxury items.

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