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Index – Economy – The lights have already been turned off in Saint Emery’s hospital intensive care unit

Index - Economy - The lights have already been turned off in Saint Emery's hospital intensive care unit

The extended deadline will run until midnight on Monday, until health workers can sign their contract, which will place them in health service status from March 2, fundamentally changing the life of the entire sector with its new rules.

This is the first day of a new working relationship in Hungarian healthcare. Several changes also affect patients. We’ve collected what you already know.

If a person does not sign the contract as a health care worker, he also loses his civil service status in the sector, that is, he / she is filing with the local public health service. By Tuesday morning, we are expected to see how many health workers have agreed to the new conditions and how many will leave the system.

In Budapest Saint Emery Hospital His ICU crew has now said goodbye. In a post they posted on Facebook with a photo of seventeen employees of the department, they wrote:

There is no worse feeling than if you had to say goodbye. To thank, close, divorce, and then say goodbye. There is nothing to say. You look smart and are waiting for someone to say something. beautiful thing. Good thing. But there are no words for that. We turned off the lights.

Index contacted the management of Saint Emery Hospital in Budapest with the following questions:

  • How many are currently employed in the intensive care unit in Saint Emery, and how many of them have not signed the Midnight Contract?
  • Are there non-signatories doctors? What exactly are the jobs and ranks of employees?
  • Altogether, how many employees at Saint Emery Hospital have not yet signed the new legal relationship contract?
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Update, Saint Emery Hospital responded in the evening, writing the following:

The vast majority of doctors and nurses at Saint Emery University Teaching Hospital have already signed the new service contract. Regarding the new legal relationship, colleagues in the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care decided only differently: of the 28 doctors working there, 5 doctors and 2 residents left, and 17 of the 54 specialists decided to leave. The nature of the ongoing care is ensured by transfers within the organization. The former Deputy Head of the Department has assumed the position of Head of the Department, while the former Deputy Head of the Department is the Professional Nursing Department. The vacancies are constantly filled.

If you have not signed or signed the health service legal relationship contract, but you have an opinion on it, please let us know at [email protected].

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