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Index – Economy – Ftft Hover less than 400 approx

Index – Economy – Ftft Hover less than 400 approx

The Hungarian currency strengthened Friday morning. You can reach the expected level even before Christmas.

The forint strengthened against major currencies early Friday morning, compared to Thursday evening levels. At 7:30 on Friday morning, the euro exchange rate was 400.58 forints against 400.93 Swiss francs on Thursday evening.

The Swiss Franc weakened from 406.73 HUF to 405.35 HUF, and the dollar fell from 378.75 HUF to 377.69 HUF.

The euro rose to $1.0605 from $1.0586 Thursday evening, MTI reported.

You can exceed the expected level before Christmas

As we wrote about earlierthe HUF has approached the psychological 400 limit against the Euro in recent days. Also on the cards, the Hungarian currency may pass the long-awaited level even before Christmas.

Monday last week in Brussels an agreement After the Hungarian currency began to rise. Since then, the text of the partnership agreement including the use of cohesion funds for the period 2021-2027 Approved European Commission, thus removing all obstacles to the access of EU subsidies to Hungary.

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Tamás Kaszás / Index)