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Index – the economy – provides support to Orban’s government, but only to pro-government districts

Index - the economy - provides support to Orban's government, but only to pro-government districts

Capital leaders, such as the province and large cities, demanded full compensation for business taxes from the government. This was also discussed last week, but it didn’t work. Only Girjili Golias promised to discuss the extent of substitution with local governments one by one.

Girjelly Caraxoni has repeatedly stated that local governments should manage with less money. After Thursday’s trial, the mayor also showed how much support they received from the government: a notebook and a pen. As Nipszava notes in the most recent Hungarian newspaper, two pro-government districts received more than 300 million forts together.

Fifth district received 91 million HUF for the Elderly Information Communication Program, 12th. And the area with 225 million forints for additional work to develop local government.

RTL Klub Híradó contacted competent local governments, but only on the twelfth. He received a response from the district. According to the district headed by Zoltan-Bukorni, it has received support to complete the developments that began before the coronavirus epidemic. It was also a matter in Parliament. According to Jobbik, the government should politically compensate local governments for the withdrawals. The government believes that opposition politicians “cannot run cities, they just cry.”

This wasn’t the first such government support – RTL Klub Híradó recalls – at Christmas, 12 of the 14 pro-government cities received a total of 17 billion HUF, mainly for free use. Of the 10 opposition, only one received, in Salgutargan, 400 million forints.


District Five corrected the RTL Club newsletter. The municipality wrote that the channel falsely claimed that it had not responded to their request. The Information Communication Program for the Elderly was launched on March 1, 2017 pursuant to Government Resolution No. 1056/2017 (II.7) as an extension of the pilot program in the city center for deprived settlements and in view of its positive results in accordance with Government Decision 1812/2019 (12.30) 2022. It has been extended until 31 Dec. The program is implemented by Helping Hands for Active Years Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd., 100% owned by the city center. However, District V. is only one of approximately 480 locations in the program. Segítő Kezek Nonprofit Kft. It has direct contracts with 112 settlement centers, in which dispatch centers have been established under the program.In response to press releases published over the weekend, we note that more than half of these settlements are not led by FIDESZ-KDNP, which is involved in using the 91 million HUF grant Like any settlement in the program, the goal of the program is for the elderly to benefit as much as possible from the achievements of informatics, thus providing an opportunity for active retirement years and protecting the generation from feeling lonely (a phenomenon that is particularly localized in the event of a Coronavirus emergency. Wana). The program first taught the elderly how to use computers and the Internet, followed by dispatch centers to assist them in their daily lives, such as crime prevention conferences, online programs for the prevention of cognitive impairment, and mental health and health services. The local government in the city center will not receive a grant of 91 million HUF, as this amount will be used by the Central Administration for the Elderly Information Communication Program and other costs that cannot be financed from public employment. It looks like my ad.

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