Index - Economy - Airlines are increasingly canceling services to the UK

Index – Economy – Airlines are increasingly canceling services to the UK

German logistics giant DB Schenker has notified its customers by email that it has temporarily suspended its services to the UK due to a huge bureaucratic burden.

The letter came just a week after DPD, Europe’s largest parcel network, suspended its ground freight service from the UK to Europe for similar reasons. via info, a magazine created to inform Hungarian freight forwarders and carriers.

DPDgroup stated in a newsletter that the difficulty of customs settlement, customs requests and data for the new package delays delivery, so delivery times cannot be met, which is not befitting the company’s image, so delivery in the island country has been temporarily suspended.

The DB Schenker message reads as follows:

Dear customer,

We are forced to suspend international road transport services from continental Europe to the United Kingdom with immediate effect. The agreements adopted under the Brexit deal mean huge bureaucratic regulations, especially for beneficiaries in the UK, whom we cannot currently deal with according to the law. Most consignees (importer or consignee/consignee) in the UK have never dealt with customs formalities and need further guidance on new regulations (eg confirmation of correct ten digit commodity code, authorization setup).

Therefore, we advise you to postpone all shipments until further notice. In addition, please ensure that all paperwork required for customs clearance, i.e. export and import documents, and all consignees, i.e. all direct representation letters and HMRC information, are available for smooth customs clearance.

We do our best to support our customers on both sending and receiving sides; forwarding agent and consignees so that they can use our services again as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your local DB Schenker team for assistance and more information.

DB Schenker Team

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