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Index – Culture – Anyone can be Gabor Presser or Jeon Delhosa

Index – Culture – Anyone can be Gabor Presser or Jeon Delhosa

Music is very popular in small towns and villages with the Carpathian Basin Tour in “Music Goes Home”. Musical culture is introduced to young ones in new and exciting ways.

The themes for the interactive performances were chosen from the educational light music performances of the Rock and Pop Legends band. Young people can learn about prominent figures in the world of music and learn how these artists have shaped music culture over the years. Music history displays showcase exciting and beloved moments from the careers of legendary bands and performers, while also allowing you to experience the process of making music.

At these events, young people who clap in the concert atmosphere can get close to the music of the greats of pop and rock. In Alternative Music Lessons, you can learn about the origins of these musical genres and the works of the genre’s greats. Children’s favorite is the stroking tool. Here, everyone can try out guitars, bass guitar, and drums, and anyone can become Gabor Presser or Jion Delhosa for a few minutes. In this way, young people are introduced to new dimensions of light music, which can have an inspiring impact on discovering and developing their musical talents.

The tour’s artistic director, Joseph Bordas, is a great music teacher. He has long experience in teaching music, is also a drummer, and is the artistic director of the DobMánia camp, which has been running for more than ten years. He proudly sums up his philosophy as a drum teacher:

We train musicians, not drummers.

The music history lectures were inspired when Bordas created a summer program at the request of a friend in the 7th. Area students. At this event, a demonstration of musical instruments was held, and the children were able to learn about the history of the drum. Encouraged by the success, he continued to think about the program that XX included. Light music evolved in the 20th century through the styles of blues, swing, house, soul, rock, and pop.

Over the years, Bordas has been joined by other musicians collaborating in promoting the educational program. Another key figure of Zenede is Gergő Baricz, who since 2018 has enriched the program with vocals, guitar and sometimes his own performances. In the same year, guitarist Zoltan Nagy joined the team, and in 2022, keyboardist Felician Kovacs. This year’s tour with guitarist Daniel Copponci will be expanded in two weeks.

Through the Music Education Programme, Zenede members have gained access to musical culture in places where this was not possible before. Ribbed sensor He tells the story About last season:

It was a wonderful experience introducing legendary light music artists to bright-eyed children and zooming in on rock instruments on the musical instrument display. Team Zenede is not a band, but a family, a production with a musical mission.

The reception of the program is indicated by impressive numbers. Last year, the team visited 37 settlements, and nearly fifteen thousand children participated in the 60 performances. This year will be no different, with 900 children already listening to music-colored music history performances on the first leg of the tour, which set off from Zigalom on September 11.

Zenede will hold a total of 60 shows in 30 locations this year. This year’s performances are supported by the Petofi Cultural Agency and the Hungarian Culture Foundation. Thus, Bordas will be visible not only within the country’s borders, but also in the highlands and Vojvodina.