Index – Culture – András Dömötör: Vidnyánszky appears and falters

The index wrote earlier that the 10th Theater Olympiad organized by the National Theater will be attended by 400 companies from 58 countries, including 7,500 artists. Director Andras Dumotor expressed his opinion of the event on Facebook. “I don’t want to be hostile, act like verbal suitors to the system—because when I’m angry, I play off the NER score.”

The director believes that people with different worldviews should be able to work together, and he has no problem with national conservative thinking. He does not refer to the policies of this government when he describes it.

As a Hungarian director, as a former university teacher’s assistant, as a native – that the upcoming theatrical Olympics is a disproportionate trade fair in the professional sense. Amazing bakery, limousine rental for a couple of joy filled hours.

Above all, we cannot forget the cultural devastation carried out by the Vidnyanszky family, and the hitherto unabated ideological displacement that they have continued. Plus, they claim the opposite, continue.

Their self-affirmation which takes place (or expands) under the auspices of theatrical Olympics, however noisy and spectacular: is a lie. It is important that you say this

– said András Domötör.

Vidnyánszky and fog appears

According to the director, “It is a pleasure, for example, that performances of Marthaler or Castellucci, even if late, arrive in Hungary. It is a pleasure for Hungarian spectators to see them, and he is glad to share with many of his fellow Hungarians whom he respects. But he believes: in parallel With all this, we must not forget that this huge amount of money could have been used to support Hungarian workshops (especially at a time of energy crisis!), independent associations, and professional magazines.Invest instead of temporary fireworks.

Vidnyánszky and fog appears. Let’s not forget the basic truth, no matter how many times we say it: This is still the story of a wounded man, another big chapter

– said András Dömötör, who thought what he described was clear. He had always avoided her, and now he didn’t want to appear in any fictional role, nor spoil the celebration. He wants the Hungarian viewers to have a good evening of theater. But he had to record the facts because he felt no one else would.

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Attila Vidnyansky, Director General of the National Theatre, described the 10th Theater Olympiad in Hungary as “a great celebration for the entire Hungarian theater scene” at the event’s press conference held on 27 March.

The artistic director of the festival stated that the essence and mission of the series of events is to promote dialogue, understanding and acceptance of each other – it can be read in page.

Bridges destroyed by politics, we have a duty to rebuild in our souls through our common passion, theater

he added.

The official opening begins on April 15 with the raising of the flag at the National Theater at 2 pm, followed by various programs until the evening: concerts, themed games, amateur theatrical performances and additional street theater performances await those interested until 10 pm. Those who will certainly be among the performers of the festive opening:

The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, Laszlo Voldis Hobo, Tamas Szarka and His Orchestra, and the SZFE Orchestra.

The street theater genre will be represented by more than twenty troupes with artists from Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Eight Hungarian troupes will join the street theater show on April 14 and 15: Langalita Garaponciasuk, Bab Troupe, Popita Puppet Theatre, Ksoudamalum, Kovir Bella Puppet Theatre, Micropodium Family Puppet Theatre, Agostunis Street Musicians. Their show includes a diverse arsenal of giant puppets, fairgrounds, and stilts, but the steamboat at Karazat Theater will be in, too.

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