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We play hockey like Canada

Br 33-2 was eliminated from the other winning team, and the Hungarian footballer should not be ashamed of his World Cup production. Players traveled freely, mostly domestic clubs tomorrow, and the bride grew up on the world charts as he wrestled himself in the Elite 16. But how do you play hockey without ice?

Does your hockey puck suck, but you have trouble skating, does the cold bother you on the net, or is it getting the puck in the wrong place? Then they discover a sport called globe, which both Swedes and Americans consider cheese.

Similar to hockey, in floorball, the goalkeeper and pitcher form a line, and the carbon punch ball must be moved to a cage higher but narrower than the hockey goal. The goalkeeper’s face wears a helmet, he does not have a head, but he needs strong supports and special trousers in which he can slide back and forth in front of the gate.

Like hockey and globe, the main attraction is that fast, slow pigeon souls can move more confidently at plyn because they are not allowed to play big races like hockey. The third here is also 2 minutes long, scanning every 30-40 seconds, and the killer is the task of the special units to try / exploit the human advantage.

One of Schmidt’s brothers, Oliver (left) and Rich Domokus, fights the Norwegian turbo

The top sixteen teams in the sport gathered in SVGC this year, where the ninth World Championship was held, and the Hungarian team played for the first time in the elite. We had two soccer players close to two fighting levels, but then they came out 9-2 in qualifiers at all times.

He went to the qualifiers this year to know that in addition to the first two places in the two groups, the top third could also come out, and he managed to finish that, the Russians and Poles in the group won the World Cup, and it was a great result. Because in the top 16 in the world rankings, the team ranked 23rd.

Among the World Cup finals to date, the Hungarian national team was the best, in 1996, then became the tenth out of twelve participants. The second line, preceding the second line, was constantly present in section B, where the second and third places were collected.

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The Hungarians were included in the World Cup, and suffice it to say about the Swedes that they won six of the previous eight, and the remaining two played in the last two matches, the Norwegians finished sixth in the World Cup, and the Poles were ninth. The team played a draw-6 in the playoffs.

“The Poles were defeated by two goals in the pre-World Cup match, and they were saved to catch up, after which we could finish ninth in third place in the group. Against the Norwegians and Sweden, the team was scheduled to play a match.” Said Jirjeli Kovks, one of his defenders. They managed to keep the score against the Norwegians, after the first third approached, the Hungarian team won the third 2-0, but in the middle the specialists also played six games, and the defeat was 8–2. Before the match against Svdek, Kovex said he considered it overwhelming to be Able to play against him at all, as he is one of the best players in the world, but on the field he did not lose a big bid but was beaten 33-2.

“We ruined everything, we didn’t find the defense, we counted it a lot to the right. If we came out with ten balls, I say, well, we got in, but here we just checked the ball. First third of -18. Then the captain of the federal team used it, and we improved it.” , And we played more consciously, and they took it back a little bit, but the 33 gallons got a lot, “Coffex said.

Schmidt Oliver is crushed by Kronberg, captain of the Norwegian team

After two defeats, so to speak, there was an out-of-the-box match against the Poles, who may have been cheated because they were runner-up, but they could give in when they faced 16-2 against the Norwegians. In the first third of the most important match, the Poles scored two goals, and according to Kovi, the Hungarian national team was better in the second and third stages as well, and the opponent won well and won 5-2 in the end. “The defeat against the Norwegians challenged them, we wanted to show that they are better than us, but I don’t think they were any different. How did the match against the Swedes play a role in the defeat against the Poles? Not in mind, mentally the svd match doesn’t matter.”

The group was in fourth place, i.e. 13-16. He was able to play somewhere, the first success was against Singapore, and he led the team to 11-3. Cofex expected a tighter match in advance, but possession of the 82-ball ball shows that the Hungarian team dominated until the end, achieving Swiss captain Petri Tominen Krist, who would have won third place.

Touminen was the first foreign commander from combat, and according to Kovics, the trainers were very different from him, in the past the focus was on technology, but he paid much more attention to tactics, especially to keep defense focused. For example, against the Poles, it counted on the entire defense, and that much could be won, only the machine stopped. According to Kovics, what defines Tuominen is that he praises out loud more than he scolds out loud, for example he didn’t shout against the Swedes, all he said was let him play and disrespect his opponent too much.

There are also two-minute, ten-minute and final fouls in Earth football, and the International Federation always tells us in advance of the big tournament what they pay the most attention to. In the current race, hurdles are obstructed by hurdles, but at the same time, strikes and strikes are the two most common causes of kills. According to Gergely Kovcs, the biggest problem in Hungary is that it will be necessary to get out of work soon, as expats come differently.

In the last World Cup match in Hungary, Canada was the opponent, and the other teams showed that they could also play the match against Raissi in thirteenth place. The Hungarians defeated Norbert Riseli, Girge Varga and Domukos Rizzi 3-1 in the middle of the first third, 4-2 in the middle of the second, and others. An extension was possible, and in this the captain of the Canadian team of Finnish origin, Lori Hanelius Dent, and the Hungarian team finished 14th.

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“We have 2,500 approved players, 120,000 in Sweden, and there is no fact that we are close to the top, that is, Finnish, Swedish, Czech and Swiss, and a defeat of 10-15 glos falls into the acceptable category. Against the Norwegians and the Poles as much as we have seen more against the Poles, we may be stronger than the Russians.” “As the victory over Singapore showed, we are on par with the Americans to some extent. The Spaniards and the Dutch are constantly advancing.”

Enter the World Cup and complete the match:

Swiss and Finnish players from Canada were also in the frame – meaning the opposite is the same as in hockey, with smaller countries home to Canadians – and the members of the Hungarian team Schmidt and Capetz are in Sweden, but they are all Hungarian.

They play freely in Sweden, with Domitch Rich playing abroad in Finland and the others at home. Currently there are eight teams in ob I, eight teams in Division II, and eight teams in ob III, divided into vineyards on a field basis. According to COFEX, the biggest difficulty lies in the fact that clubs operate day in and day out, have difficulty planning, payment for flogging is a problem, and it is difficult to involve new people.

The lawyer, who is also a member of the presidency, said, “The question is how to raise money for this sport, and the federation and clubs should work on it, and after that everything will be much easier.” Team members also pay for themselves, including Swiss World Championship and Training Wines.

World Cup results:
1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Svjc
4. Nmetorszg
5. Norvgia
6. Lettorszg
7. The Czech Republic
8. Szlovkia
Story 9
10. Russia
11. Poland
12. The United States
13. Canada
14. Hungary
15. Yapen
16. Singapore

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