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Index – Culture – According to Steven Spielberg, this is the best film about the Holocaust in the last thirty years

Index – Culture – According to Steven Spielberg, this is the best film about the Holocaust in the last thirty years

From February 15, 2024, Jonathan Glazer's film, a Cannes Grand Prix winner and five-time Oscar nominee, will be released in Hungarian cinemas. Benefits protection area His film, which Steven Spielberg also praised.

“The Protected Zone” is the best Holocaust film I've seen since mine. He is very strong in terms of awareness, especially regarding the banality of evil

Spielberg said Hollywood Reporter In an interview he gave Schindler's List This was done on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his Oscar win.

Jonathan Glazer's work was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where it immediately won the festival's Grand Prix, and more recently it won a BAFTA in the categories of Best British Film, Best Non-English Language Film and Best Sound, according to the announcement. From movie advertisements.

They were close to the camp

It was nominated in five categories at the 96th Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best International Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Sound. Sandra Höller, the champion of the protected area, also received a nomination, but in another film, Anatomy of a fall For his performance in the work titled

Glazer's first non-English language film was shot next to the Auschwitz Museum in the summer of 2021. Sandra Höller and Christian Friedel took on the roles of Hoss and Mrs. Hoss with difficulty, neither of them finding it easy to play characters who were indifferent to the mass killings on the other side of their fence.

In an interview, Friedel described himself as someone who, even in kindergarten, brought an idea to life through singing, dancing and using puppets. According to his staff, he is full of kindness, even WatchmanShe broke down in tears during the interview. Therefore, it is not surprising that he suffered from nightmares and panic attacks during filming.

We were very close to the camp, and we felt responsible for the victims. He entered my subconscious.

To distract him during filming periods Big money theftR., and in the evening they had dinner with Holler.

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the Benefits protection area It can be seen in Hungarian cinemas from 15 February 2024, distributed by ADS.