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Index – Belföld – David Pressman spent his day with the commandos

Index – Belföld – David Pressman spent his day with the commandos

David Pressman, US Ambassador to Hungary, visited the city of Sintis in southeastern Hungary on February 21 to observe US and Hungarian special operations forces training led by the US side.

The Ambassador highlighted the importance of the cooperation of special operations forces in Sintis, the US Embassy in Hungary wrote On his website.

I spent the day with American and Hungarian special forces. As a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Hungary has access to the latest defense equipment and expertise. For Hungary, the alliance creates unprecedented security. Sweden's joining NATO makes the alliance stronger than ever

– He wrote what was published about him In his Facebook post Ambassador.

The ambassador stated: American forces are present in Hungary to train the Hungarian partner on the use of high-tech American-made river ships, which represents an important contribution. Security of Hungary Regarding defense cooperation between NATO allies.

The United States is the world leader in defense technology. NATO membership gives Hungary access to the latest equipment and expertise

The ambassador said after his meetings with American and Hungarian soldiers.

He continued: “The Allied commitment to Article V – under which any attack against any member state is an attack against all member states – creates the greatest amount of security for Hungary ever in its history.” Sweden's accession to NATO is of utmost importance to all of Hungary's allies. “It is time to welcome them into the Alliance as the 32nd member, thus increasing the strength and security of Hungary and all its allies.”

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In addition to watching sniper training, Ambassador David Pressman participated in a display of American-made boats, presented by Hungarian and American special forces.

As part of its 25-year membership in the alliance, Hungary ensures NATO soldiers, training and equipment are stationed within the country, including direct cooperation with allied nations, such as the United States, regarding capability development and deterrence. Of potential opponents.