Index - abroad - daily vaccination record, the number of new infections in the UK has fallen sharply

Index – abroad – daily vaccination record, the number of new infections in the UK has fallen sharply

More than 600,000 people have been vaccinated against coronavirus in Britain in the past 24 hours, according to the latest figures released on Sunday.

This is the daily record since the start of the British vaccination campaign.

The number of people who have already received the first dose of the vaccine is approaching 9 million, according to Britain’s Department of Health Sunday night. The number of newly tested coronavirus infections continues to decline steadily and at a significant rate.

The ministry said on the day that ended at zero, Sunday, that 598,389 people received the first dose of the vaccine, as 10,621 received a second dose, giving 609,010 vaccinations across the country within 24 hours, which is more than the British vaccination campaign in December 8 days since the beginning of any day.

According to the ministry on Sunday, 8,977,329 people have received the first dose so far, and 491,053 people have received the second dose.

Thus, the number of vaccinations given to date, including the first and second doses, is close to 9.5 million in the UK.

Based on the dataset presented Sunday night, 21,088 new coronavirus infections were identified by testing countries across the country in the past 24 hours.

At the beginning of the year, more than 60,000 new infections were checked, sometimes nearly 70,000 daily, almost every day. According to the ministry, in the week ending Sunday, 169.714 coronavirus infections were identified by tests, 81,790, 32.5 percent less than the new infections detected in the same period a week ago. There is also a significant decrease in the number of new hospital admissions due to the Covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus infection.

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According to the Ministry of Health report on Sunday, 22,231 patients were hospitalized in the past week, which is 5,433 patients, 19.6 percent less than the previous week.

According to the UK government’s calculation methodology, which takes into account deaths that occurred within 28 days of being diagnosed with coronavirus, 8,219 patients died in the week ending Sunday. This means that the number of deaths from Covid-19 disease per week decreased by 459, or 5.3 percent, from the previous week.

The improved epidemiological data is already reflecting the effects of the vaccination campaign, Susan Hopkins, director of strategy for public health services (PHE) at Covid, told BBC Television in Sunday’s political magazine. The figures, including the most vulnerable age groups over 70 and 80, are the focus of the UK vaccination campaign at the moment.

Prof Hopkins said it would be a bit premature to say this was really the effect of the vaccines. He stressed that before saying that, experts would like to see that the number of newly discovered coronavirus infections in these two age groups is already declining faster than among the younger groups.

However, a senior PHE expert said 80 per cent of those over 80 have already been vaccinated and authorities expect the impact of the vaccination campaign will already be seen in this age group within two weeks.

However, Professor Hopkins added that lifting restrictions aimed at curbing the epidemic should only begin very slowly, and with great caution.

Speaking to BBC television on Sunday, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Britons “can be confident in a happy and liberated summer”.

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But he also added that there will be more difficult months until then.

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