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Index – Abroad – A man is accused of kidnapping a four-year-old girl

An indictment has been filed against an Australian man who kidnapped and held a four-year-old girl for eighteen days. Since then, the girl has been visited by a police officer, Cleo Smith, who rescued her and the Prime Minister.

As we wrote earlier, the little girl was searched with great force by the police for eighteen days and was finally found in a house, locked up.

Authorities suspect Terrence Daryl Kelly, a 36-year-old man, of the crime. He was forced to take him to hospital after his arrest because, according to a police report, he “injured himself”. Authorities say he is not in a life-threatening condition and has so far proven to be cooperative in the investigation of the case.

Since then, Terence Daryl Kelly has been charged at several points, including forcibly abducting a minor.

The charge is said to have kidnapped the little girl by Terence Daryl Kelly on October 16 and locked her up in the house where she was found for eighteen days – police also said afterwards that the girl was found in a room full of dolls.

According to a police statement, Kelly was summoned to Carnarvon Court on Thursday where he was charged. The man was then transferred from Carnarvon to Perth on Friday under heavy police custody (accompanied by at least four specially trained officers).

Footage from the transfer shows that he was accompanied by police officers barefoot and handcuffed and bound. The man will have to stand trial in Perth in December.

She has since been visited by a police officer who found her at her home, and this was followed by a visit by her Prime Minister, Mark McGowan, to Australia and her family on Thursday. The prime minister reported that the little girl was “in good shape compared to what she experienced”, eats a lot and rests a lot. Earlier, a medical examination confirmed that he was not hurt.

(via CNNAnd daily Mail)

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