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In this cafe, they attend our sleep request

In this cafe, they attend our sleep request

The Vietnamese teahouse was also thinking of those who would sip life-giving juice from bed.

While most places tempt guests with the choice of food and drink, or perhaps the design, Chidori in downtown Ho Chi Minh City takes the café experience to a whole new level and provides a place where you can comfortably stretch out, eat and drink.

The cafe is hidden in an old apartment building between a busy street and a deserted alley. By making use of this urban space, the architects of Studio Anettai rethought the traditional alley culture of the city, while giving people of the younger generation the opportunity to meet their friends in a semi-home environment outside their homes.

The interior design, which has a friendly and warm atmosphere, invites passers-by to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Inside, mood lighting and natural materials create the ambiance, and the seating is replaced by bunk beds.

The site is cut off from the main fabric of the city by the narrow streets that surround it, but Studio Anettai has reconnected these isolated spaces with circulation, celebrating the amalgamation of the new and the old at the same time.

The long teahouse is hidden by a three-story partitioned facade, and the building materials match the surrounding houses. At the same time, the structure reinterprets Vietnam’s traditional architectural solutions, brick coverings, stucco-like decoration and ornate ventilation. Oversized openings promote a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Visitors access beds covered in polished wood and faux leather through herringbone brick walls, whose elegant simplicity contrasts sharply with the sturdiness of the former.

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Allowing guests to relax instead of a million beats, this café is a very special feeling to enter this simple café-turned-church.

(source: designboomthe pictures: Ok Hiroyuki/ Designboom)

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