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Researchers dealing with regional science hold a four-day conference in KecsUP

Researchers dealing with regional science hold a four-day conference in KecsUP

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Researchers dealing with regional science from all over the world will hold a conference in Kecskemét for four days starting April 8. After a long time, this will be the first live global conference of the International Regional Scientific Society, and the last conference scheduled to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco had to be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The KickSkimit conference plans to examine issues of sustainable regional economic growth through more than 300 presentations in light of the economic, social, political and environmental crises of the past decade and a half. Researchers from almost every corner of the world are searching for answers to questions such as whether or not each region has its own natural growth path. If not, what do we know about the characteristics of new development paths? All this in the context of various global challenges, such as wars and climate change. Therefore, it is not a purely philosophical question whether a new compromise between man, nature and economy is necessary. The relationship between urban and rural areas, migration, resource distribution, sustainable cities, mobility, land use, environmental quality, poverty, segregation and spatial modeling of all of these will be discussed.

These are all relevant questions from a Kickskimet point of view, because we can ask, for example, what impact does the recycling process taking place in Kickskimet have on the local community and the environment? How competitive and sustainable is local agriculture as well as locally operating auto factories that produce for global markets? Or what development path should be followed in Kecskimet so that agriculture can serve as a regionally measurable driving force for the city's development?

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Which will be held between April 8 and 11, 2024 Regional Association for International Science The venue for the 14th World Congress is the Janus Neumann University in Kecskemét. The Hungarian professional partner for organizing the conference is Hungarian Regional Science Association.

The aim of the meeting is to link the most important elements of regional scientific research and provide a common scientific platform. Does regional science primarily study the enduring processes that shape regional inequality in society?

Therefore many interesting presentations can be expected at the international conference. The event is open and its program is detailed here You can read.

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