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Index – Local – Hospitals are saturated, MOK calls for restrictions

Index - Local - Hospitals are saturated, MOK calls for restrictions

It was recently announced that the numbers are rising sharply, and the epidemic is rampant in her contacts Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK).

178 dead a day, a thousand weeks – a village – if their numbers do not rise further. But you will. 565 patients being ventilated, at least one and a half times more than twice the number of patients who actually need intensive care – if there is room for it

– He detailed the Ministry of the Interior, adding that more than a tenth of the newly infected require hospitalization, that is, there may be more infected, but hundreds of admissions per day and a 10 percent increase in the number of patients already treated is huge, which puts a huge burden Ambulance services and admission hospitals.

as they write,

‘Emergency departments are overwhelmed’

Although ophthalmologists, urologists and surgeons have been moved to the newly opened Covid wards.

Intense chapters (Itos), although it opens up new and new parts again, it is saturated

They wrote. It is believed that there are enough machines in vain if employees are just running out. They objected to the ministerial order providing for the appointment of a specialist and five nurses for twenty intensive care units, a “serious relaxation of occupational standards and regulations.”

Saturation of the ito sites in any case means crowding at the former patient care site. (…) There is no place to move patients who are becoming more suffocated and deteriorating, and the decision to fill the limited number of intensive care beds is often pushed to that level. Most of the poorly aged patients also die here – which places a huge psychological burden on the often inexperienced young doctors and nurses who study in other fields.

They wrote. The ministry also noted that the coronavirus epidemic poses a serious challenge to health care around the world. At the same time, despite the huge burden, doctors and nurses are not appreciated in Hungary, for example, the summons fee has not yet been settled, and there has been no increase in wages for specialists.

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Restrictions required

According to the Department of Agriculture, it is disproportionate to transport health care workers and then place them in questionable conditions, while others enjoy themselves at restaurants and events without restrictions. Accordingly, they suggest:

  • Connecting access to non-vital places (nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, cinemas) to a content-protected security card (including a sufficient number of vaccines within six months) or a recent negative PCR test result;
  • Support remote work and home office; And
  • Individual distance, hand washing.

Finally, I add that vaccination is really important, but its protection comes weeks later, and the epidemic is now rampant.

(Cover Image: Zoltán Balogh/MTI)

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