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In 2024, grandfather waistcoats and moccasins will be in fashion

In 2024, grandfather waistcoats and moccasins will be in fashion

It exploded in the summer of 2023 On Tik Tok A Coastal Jeddah, any on the beach Living grandmother style. The trend is mainly based on white and cream pieces He wants to convey this feeling of lifeAs if we were Oscar and Golden Globe winner Diane Keaton, spending her retirement years at her luxurious vacation home in the Hamptons. Every day we can immerse ourselves for a long time in the view of the endless waters, all the spices, vegetables and fruits growing in our vegetable garden, the hydrangeas in bloom, and we take long walks on the sandy beach, while the salty sea air caresses our faces.

the Coastal JeddahIt's just the beginning, because it looks like this year will also be about those who are nostalgic for the mentality and fashion of the good old days.

Pinterest According to his expectations Instead of grandma's wardrobe, in 2024, grandpa's things will be the items of the year: knitted sweaters and jackets. The site says that compared to the previous year, the number of people searching for it increased by 60 percent Grandfather style (grandfather style) expression, while it has a similar meaning com. grandpacore The style was searched by 65 percent of people. And if you're talking Pinterest, videos about the secret to the perfect grandpa outfit are also popping up on TikTok:

But what is all this fuss about? After all, vintage pieces, popular Circus from the 70s, 80s and 90s, have become more popular in recent years, for several reasons. On the one hand, part of our consumer society may already be bored with the mass merchandise of fast fashion stores and yearn for more unique and original pieces. This is why more and more people are buying used clothes online, even in donation stores. They want to own tops, bottoms, and accessories that have history and history. And basically somewhere that's the key to a Coastal Jeddahp and a com. grandpacore Also for trends: to be a little nostalgic, to bring back the atmosphere and values ​​of the good old days, to reuse what once served well.

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Many celebrities have already loved this classic unisex style. American rapper Tyler the Creator has already appeared at Paris Fashion Week 2022 in a white collared shirt and a light blue knit sweater, essential items for followers of grandpa style:

Tyler, the Creator at Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2022 – Photo by Stefan Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

the For India today According to statement designer Ishita Saluja com. grandpacore This does not simply mean that a person wears loafers/loafers and herringbone style jackets. The style philosophy is about slowing down and appreciating simplicity and quality.

“The Grandpacore aesthetic is inspired by classic and timeless pieces often found in the closets of older generations, especially grandparents.”

The designer adds.

Perhaps this philosophy also inspired the fashions of models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber. Hadid was photographed in Paris in a comfy green and brown outfit, while Bieber opted for a colorful striped turtleneck and a black leather jacket before hitting the streets of Los Angeles:

Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber green and brown striped leather jacket set - Image: Marc Piasecki / GC Images;  Bauer Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber green and brown striped leather jacket set – Image: Marc Piasecki / GC Images; Bauer Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Sheyal Sheth, who also works as a fashion designer, said she hopes the minimalist approach is what will catch everyone's eyes com. grandpacore It also announces that he will be with us for a long time.

“We have forgotten about quality because of quantity, so there will be more and more waste in landfills, which will also disrupt the ecosystem of our planet.”

Sheth added. Numerous scientific papers, investigative reports and articles have already been published on the polluting effects of fast fashion. But the question is to what extent this information has already been integrated into public consciousness. Among other things, Rika Nagy and her guests tried to find the answer to this question in one of Telex's green affairs podcasts, Kisbolygó.

the Vogue writesIf we really want to follow this unisex and recycled fashion trend, we should not be buying oversized jackets, trousers (even harnesses) and long balloon jackets in fast fashion stores, but rather buying used items of our grandfather's uniform from thrift stores and donation shops. It is better to buy clothes made of cashmere or wool, which are more durable, so that we can pass on our favorite knitted sweaters and diamond-embellished sweaters to the next generation, our children and grandchildren.

According to Ishita Saluja, she builds on timeless pieces com. grandpacore It can exceed short-term trends. “Pinterest and social media are full of this style, and according to fashion experts, grandpacore will be the main trend in fashion in 2024. This trend is in line with current fashion movements, which include sustainability and the use of timeless pieces.”

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