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If you are starting a business: In these major cities, your calculations are sure to work out

If you are starting a business: In these major cities, your calculations are sure to work out

Since 2011, the continent’s most important cities have been ranked each year in terms of highest value He pledgesNe. On the eu.startups page Back By their own admission, when preparing the study they used Google Analytics data, as well as their own databases such as Crunchbase, Dealroom, and EU startups. They explain in more or less detail how cities are classified.

So, here’s the ranking, the first place being no surprise at all:

the Britain’s exit from the European Union Despite this, the UK capital still clearly leads in new/active areas startReasons, this is not expected to change in the near future. It is known as the financial center of Europe London the United kingdom Private equity– And Venture capital– Home to about 70 percent of its investors.

He follows her closely ParisIt is the first major change in the ranking of startup positions. The French capital ranked second between 2011 and 2016, but… Berlin It preceded him successfully by several years. Paris technologyme and innovationIts ecosystem is constantly growing. The city also hosts large international events for startups such as Viva Technology. The German capital has now fallen to third place, but this could easily change in a few years, so the French may have reason to worry.

Amsterdam While it’s also firmly at the front of the queue, the Dutch capital remains a real draw Start-ups It maintains its strong position as the fourth largest center in Europe.

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The next big surprise in the world rankings is just that Stockholm. Previously ranked eighth, the Swedish capital has made strong progress and is now fifth on the list of Europe’s leading emerging cities.

“The Hungarian entrepreneur is a hero”

It is difficult for those who want to create an international company from Hungary, Csaba Bondek, member of the Investment Committee of the European Innovation Council (EIC), said in an interview with According to Csaba Bundik, the situation in Hungary is better than it was ten to fifteen years ago, but the average Hungarian entrepreneur is still a “hero” fighting the elements 24 hours a day. Read more >>>

The second half of the list looks like this:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Munich
  • Zurich
  • Milan
  • Helsinki
  • Hamburg
  • Tallinn highlights innovative government initiatives such as e-residency, which allows digital entrepreneurs to set up and run an EU-based company online. Estonia is known to be very founder-friendly when it comes to bureaucracy.
  • Dublin
  • And Copenhagen.

The authors of the compilation also draw attention to the fact that this is not a final or indisputable judgment on the real importance of these startup hubs, but it clearly indicates the level of digital presence, visibility and maturity of these cities in English-speaking countries. Startup world.

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